Grotesque poster

One day, Linda Blair said I’m broke, so I’ll just do anything, and Grotesque (1987) came into the world. That’s probably not how this bizarre, disjointed film came to be, but someone was desperate. I don’t remember hearing about this film, and honestly, I wish I hadn’t.

It starts with a demented woman brushing a nasty wig on her head and a freaky man coming down the hall. I had a hard time following her monologue, but it’s not important because it turns out it was the screening of a film produced by Orville Kruger.

Then we go to Linda Blair and her “girlfriend” going to her family’s house in the mountains. A group of punks, who I swear were in Mad Max and Weird Science, are broken down on the side of the road and try to get into their car. Well, they drive off, and everything is great. After the punks break into the house and kill everyone except for Patrick, the movie is like it was something they pulled from the cutting room floor. Then we find out it’s another screening.

Oh, oops, I told you everything about this film. Sorry. Not Sorry. Now, you don’t have to watch it. The punks were great though.

I gave it 1.5 out of 5 Stars. Even the effects weren’t that great.

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