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Raven’s Hollow (2022) is about events that happened to Edgar Allan Poe while he was a cadet in West Point and the alleged inspiration for The Raven. I’m a Poe fan to the point of his written works. I do not go past that. I know little about his life except that he was haunted and had a drug problem. (I think that’s right.) There wasn’t a blurb I remember seeing at the beginning that said this was based on a true story, so I am taking it as 100% fiction.

The darkness in this film was extraordinary and wonderful. Everything from what the cadets find and going to Raven’s Hallow is creepy. When we meet the townsfolk, there’s a sinister edge that I’ve been craving. What confused me was that Poe became Sherlock Holmes investigating a man’s murder. It just seemed strange for him, but I’ll let it slide since this is fiction. The set is beautiful and dark. The creature is frightening. I also tip my hat to the story references throughout the film.

Then there’s the ending. I had a hard time accepting it and wish they wouldn’t have done it. Having the judge’s voice echoing in the background while showing the town again would’ve been better than what they put there.

3.5 Stars

Raven’s Hallow is a riveting film that has many great moments. I gave it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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