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Fantasy Fiction, Romantic Comedy, and Self Help Author

J.M. Mason grew up in the mountains of Colorado, the desert of Utah and New Mexico, and the plains of Kansas. She currently lives in Wyoming as a retired Registered Nurse. She has described herself as a slow bloomer. She was a three-time high school dropout and had the privilege of graduating with the class of 1978. She went on to become a Registered Nurse in 1990. Angels in My Tree is a result of the years of repeating so many things to only fail again and again. At the ripe old age of seventy-one, she finally put her thoughts on paper in hopes that others may benefit from her experiences. Besides her memoir, she also writes in the fantasy genre.

Angels In My Tree

I want to go on record to you, my readers, that this book is not a book to bring pity, even though it may sound as such in spots. If you are expecting that, then you may not want to read this book. I am sharing my experiences, and hoping to convey to you how Angels helped me make changes in my life.

We all make our own choices in life, whether we acknowledge them or not. We can try to blame others for these choices, but in the end we made the final decision. All anyone else can do is influence us; however, again, the final choice is ours to make.

Night Creatures

When Judi learns that a night creature needs her help to destroy another, she isn't sure what to think. Then when brutal attacks and murders happen in town, she doesn't have a choice but to stop it.

Matt, her boyfriend, proposes marriage, suddenly the night creatures have another ally to fight against the beast killing people.

The night creatures have been on Earth since the beginning of time, forced underground for their survival. When alien beings crash on the planet, they go to their aid to learn quickly they are not friendly.

Now, one has escaped from their prison and is wreaking havoc on the town. With Judi and Matt's help they devise of a plan to rid the world of the creature for good.

Night Creatures Revenge

When a night attack kills many of the Night Creatures, Ori Ella calls on Judi and Matt for help, but her pleas is heard too late for them to help her. They arrive in the Underworld to find the city destroyed and many of the resident dead, injured, or taken captive. Quickly, they learn that Ori Ella is one of the captives. They enlist the services of Pete, a Wiiki attack survivor and former member of the Army Special Forces, to rescue the captives and destroy the evil Lizardpeople.

The Wonderous Dating Game

Once upon a time, a new divorcee, Stella, decided to return to the dating world determined to find the man of her dreams...too bad he doesn't exist or she thought.

During her experiences, she continues to be hopeful, though the choices presented to her aren't exactly gold, and she is reminded of the tribulations of being a teen having similar traumas in the dating world.

The one she wasn't expecting to ever see again, reminds her that love isn't the worst thing in the world to experience.

The question is, can you handle the Wonderous Dating Game?

Night Creatures Molecules

A deranged doctor creates hybrid humans with unique abilities.

A young hybrid only wants to play in the sunshine.

When Judi learns that there are more Lizardmen living underground at first, she is frightened, remembering the last war with the creatures. She quickly discovers that these creatures aren’t like what they faced before and contacts Ori Ella to help the creatures escape the cruel doctor who created them.

While the fight isn’t as horrible as it had been with the Lizardmen, the doctor and creatures he created bring obstacles no one expected. In the end, many sacrifices are made to defeat the doctor and help his creations escape his evil.

Stop Bellyaching to God

In this day and age, so many people seek an answer to the problems plaguing their lives. Too many are looking to a man to solve the challenges only to come up empty. Just because a mere man says, “Only I can fix it,” doesn’t mean we must tie our whole trust in this person. We all fall short of the glory of God.

It begins with prayer. The good book also gives us a guide for approaching the Lord and recognizing false Christs and teachers.

Because of my experience from youth to old age, I found it’s better to talk to the Lord as a friend and not bellyache so much. Many seem to like being a martyr so they can have multiple pity parties and refusing to take responsibility for their actions by blaming others or simply denying there was a problem.

It has been commanded by the Lord in Luke 6:27-36 that we’re to love our neighbor as ourselves. Sadly, the hate that seems to be oozing out of every aspect of life shows we hate ourselves.