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Home #Horror Movie Reviews 2 Star 2020s Horror Movie Reviews Halloween Ends (2022) #BlumhouseRuined #Horror

Halloween Ends (2022) #BlumhouseRuined #Horror

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If you expect exceptional horror from Blumhouse, you should reconsider your life choices. (Yes, I’m talking to myself.) They absolutely ruined the Halloween franchise with Halloween Ends (2022). It begins with a “babysitting” scene, and I think, oh fun, Michael is starting right away. But nope. What does happen is brutal and good, but had they paid attention to the other films in the series, they would’ve known it didn’t quite fit. 

Then it jumps ahead three years, cool, fine, whatever, with Corey getting his bearings on life. He works as a mechanic for his uncle. This is followed by a lot of nothing except that Laurie is writing her memoirs, but still, it’s nothing magical. Oh, and the budding relationship between Corey and Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson, was OK if I wanted to watch a romance, though it was a dark romance. 

Now we get to the part where we jump around with Corey, the high school bullies, and Michael in the sewers under Haddonfield. And this is where it really started going down the toilet. Really? Michael let Corey go because….the only reason I can think of was because he saw the darkness in him, and he’s old, so he didn’t have the energy. Poor Michael needed a nap.

At this point, the timeline in the movie got muddled for me. I didn’t know what day it was and almost missed that it was Halloween. The editing was horrendous, and the pieces of the film didn’t fit together as nicely as they thought. The last thing I will complain about is the gore or lack thereof. This is Halloween. It’s supposed to be gory or at least scary. The least they could’ve done was shown the pink rain when Michael went through the industrial shredder.

2 Stars

Halloween Ends…yeah, I gave it 2 out of 5 Stars

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