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Saturday, December 16, 2023

The Dying Game by Sara Schoen #Book Review

The Dying Game is like many teen horror movies, with a group of friends traveling to have an exciting adventure, and that’s precisely what they got, though it wasn’t what they wanted. Two things bothered me about this book and why I only gave it 3 Stars. The prologue felt like a poorly written synopsis of the story I was about to read, making it worse with the use of first-person, leading me to the next thing. The use of first-person can hinder a story, making it feel clunky, as it did with this book. I’ve read many first-person tales, and they felt natural, but this one wasn’t one of them.

I gave The Dying Game 3 out of 5 Stars.

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Linkville Horror Series by Mike Salt #Book Review

When I started reading The House on Harlan, I had no idea this was a series. It wasn’t until I read The Valley that I noticed the “A Linkville Horror Series” subtitle. Since only location connects them, I wasn’t confused about who was who.

The House on Harlan has a strange door in the cellar, and what emerges from it isn’t pleasant. The happy family that moves in soon learns that things aren’t what they seem, and Alex fights to save them from the evil that lurks on the other side. The story is unique and dark. When the author showed me what was happening, I was impressed.

I gave The House on Harlan 4 out of 5 Stars.

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The Valley

When a group of friends go to the mountains for a vacation, their hopes for a fun-filled adventure soon turn horrifying. Of the stories I’ve read from Mike Salt, this is my favorite, and I couldn’t get enough of it. From opening to close, I was excited to find out what going to happen next.

I gave The Valley 5 Stars.

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Damned to Hell

I’m glad I didn’t read this story first because I wouldn’t have read the others in the series, and Mike Salt is an exceptional author. I just couldn’t connect with the main character, Rob. He was pathetic, but I trudged through the story to see where it went. Guess what? He just kept making things worse for himself. I get the idea of being able to see a deceased loved one, once more, but come on.

I gave Damned to Hell 3 Stars.

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The Disembodied by John Grover #Book Review

I felt like I was missing something when reading The Disembodied and I still do. There was really no explanation (that I remember) of the hows and whys behind the dead reincarnating. At least, the creepiness was great.

I gave the Disembodied 4 out of 5 Stars.

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Heaven's Peak: A Gripping Horror Novel by Miguel Estrada #Book Review


Heaven’s Peak is about Kevin Miller, who’s recently moved to a new town with his father and sister after his mom died; they’re hoping for a fresh start. Unfortunately, the freshness doesn’t last long as his father falls back into his old routine of drinking and not remembering he and his sister exist. 

The darkness that overlays this story is harsh and not friendly and one of the many reasons I enjoyed this book. The agony the main characters feel is translated very well and I was pleased to have found this book.

I gave Heaven’s Peak 5 Stars.

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Avernus Island (The Monsters & Mayhem Collection Book 2) by Patrick McNulty #Book Review


I didn’t pay attention to the fact that this is Book 2 in The Monsters & Mayhem Collection and didn’t notice anything that connects the first book to this one (maybe, I’ll read it to find out). That being said, I don’t think it matters because I didn’t feel like I walked into something pre-existing. 

Avernus Island is creepy and dark and unsettling. It kept me interested and I had a hard putting it down. The strangeness of what happens was amazing as was the back story, showing what caused the darkness to come to this island.

I gave Avernus Island 5 Stars.

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