Handprints by Wanda Adams Fischer #Review #RRBC @wandawamc

Handprints has a strangeness about it that can only be felt if you read it and I loved every aspect of it. In this world, husbands who are tired of their wives can ship them off to a mental institution so they can move on with their lives. That alone is a chilling idea. Then there are the quirky characters who opened their hearts to me and I was happy to have met them for just a brief moment. Handprints is a tale of sadness and joy mixed together nicely, and I recommend you get a copy. I gave it 4 out of 5 Stars. About Handprints After their husbands commit them to a state mental institution in Massachusetts, two women become friends. Were they--and the other women who filled the place--even mentally ill? Anne was eccentric, to be sure, and her Boston fireman husband decided it was more than he could bear. Edna loved to read and write poetry; her husband said she wasn't "a good wife," so he called the constable and had her taken away to the state mental hospital. She crav

Meet Me In Maine (The Blue Harbor Series, #1) by Susanne Leist #Review #RRBC

Having read Susanne Leist’s The Dead Game series, I was hoping the first in the Blue Harbor Series, Meet Me In Maine, would have the same feel as her other works. To say I wasn’t disappointed is an understatement. This book has the same clever approach to the worlds she creates, with cute characters that make me laugh and feel for them. The crazy paranormal aspects of this book left me wanting more. At times, I didn’t know what was going on, but that’s part of the fun Susanne injects into every scene. This fast-paced story kept me on my toes and wanting more with every page I immersed myself in. If you are looking for a fun, quirky adventure with a layer of paranormal activity, this is the one for you. I gave Meet Me in Maine 5 out of 5 Stars. About Meet Me in Maine Elizabeth Reading and Scarlett Harding travel to Blue Harbor, Maine, hoping to find a bed-and-breakfast to buy and a peaceful town. What they discover instead is much more sinister… When they visit the local ice cream parlo

1689 (The Haunting of Hadlow House, #1) by Amy Cross #Review

Wow! When I finished reading 1689, that’s what I said. This is not my first time reading Amy Cross’s work, and each time I pick one up, I know I’m in for quite the ride. The story ends the way it started with tragedy and in between was one disturbing and even a little perverse scene after another. The imagery was phenomenal as I walked the halls of Hadlow House with Richard and the other characters, who taunted me with their world and still haunt me to some point today. While I know haunted house stories are a dime a dozen, 1689 took me on an unexpected journey into the macabre.  I gave 1689 4 out of 5 Stars. About 1689 All Richard Hadlow wants is a happy family and a peaceful home. Having built the perfect house deep in the Kent countryside, he now needs a wife. However, he's about to discover that even the most perfectly-laid plans can go horribly and tragically wrong. The year is 1689, and England is in the grip of turmoil. A pretender is trying to take the throne, but Richard h

Deadly Repercussions by Karen Black #Review #RRBC

 I’ve read other Karen Black stories and found the visualizations amazing. Deadly Repercussions isn’t any different. I was drawn into the world she created, following Juan and his family. However, this one wasn’t perfect. Some of the details, especially the locations, were confusing. I thought certain events happened in Texas, but I later learned they were in Wyoming. (This could’ve been me missing something.) At least, that is all I can say in the negative because the story kept me interested and wanting to know what would happen next. And I was surprised to learn who was behind everything. This is an excellent thriller with exciting twists. I gave Deadly Repercussions 4 out of 5 Stars. About Deadly Repercussions From the streets of Mexico to the mountains of Wyoming, Juan Velasquez does what is needed to survive and prosper. His belief in the rule of law is trumped by his belief in the pursuit of justice, a trait that is passed down to his daughter, Elizabeth, and his granddaughter,

The Devil's Pocketbook by Ross Jeffery #Review

The Devil's Pocketbook is a riveting read about the loss of a child. While I empathized with the theme, it got boring after a while. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. The Siren/mermaid myth brought to life kept me intrigued. While most of the town wants what’s happening to Erik and Lara to continue so they can get on with their lives with prosperous fishing, a small group wants to stop the horror from the sea. The Devil’s Pocketbook the couple finds isn’t what they expect, and their world is turned upside down afterward. If you’re looking for horror that includes grief intermingled with fantasy, this is the book for you. I gave The Devil’s Pocketbook 4 out of 5 Stars. Get your copy at Amazon !