Home #RRBC Book Review Deadly Repercussions by Karen Black #Review #RRBC
Home #RRBC Book Review Deadly Repercussions by Karen Black #Review #RRBC

Deadly Repercussions by Karen Black #Review #RRBC

 I’ve read other Karen Black stories and found the visualizations amazing. Deadly Repercussions isn’t any different. I was drawn into the world she created, following Juan and his family. However, this one wasn’t perfect. Some of the details, especially the locations, were confusing. I thought certain events happened in Texas, but I later learned they were in Wyoming. (This could’ve been me missing something.)

At least, that is all I can say in the negative because the story kept me interested and wanting to know what would happen next. And I was surprised to learn who was behind everything. This is an excellent thriller with exciting twists.

I gave Deadly Repercussions 4 out of 5 Stars.

About Deadly Repercussions

From the streets of Mexico to the mountains of Wyoming, Juan Velasquez does what is needed to survive and prosper. His belief in the rule of law is trumped by his belief in the pursuit of justice, a trait that is passed down to his daughter, Elizabeth, and his granddaughter, Elaina.

Assassination within Juan’s family triggers a homicide investigation that sets off a chain of events leading to betrayal, kidnapping, and more death. Deception and devotion become confused, and while loyalty has benefits, it also has a cost. When Juan disappears during his unofficial search for the assassin, Elaina deciphers details that could lead her to him. Hesitant to share the information with authorities, she sets out on her own, aware that in the undercover world, life is a masquerade, and the path to the truth is complex.