Home #RRBC Book Review Meet Me In Maine (The Blue Harbor Series, #1) by Susanne Leist #Review #RRBC
Home #RRBC Book Review Meet Me In Maine (The Blue Harbor Series, #1) by Susanne Leist #Review #RRBC

Meet Me In Maine (The Blue Harbor Series, #1) by Susanne Leist #Review #RRBC

Having read Susanne Leist’s The Dead Game series, I was hoping the first in the Blue Harbor Series, Meet Me In Maine, would have the same feel as her other works. To say I wasn’t disappointed is an understatement. This book has the same clever approach to the worlds she creates, with cute characters that make me laugh and feel for them.

The crazy paranormal aspects of this book left me wanting more. At times, I didn’t know what was going on, but that’s part of the fun Susanne injects into every scene. This fast-paced story kept me on my toes and wanting more with every page I immersed myself in.

If you are looking for a fun, quirky adventure with a layer of paranormal activity, this is the one for you.

I gave Meet Me in Maine 5 out of 5 Stars.

About Meet Me in Maine

Elizabeth Reading and Scarlett Harding travel to Blue Harbor, Maine, hoping to find a bed-and-breakfast to buy and a peaceful town. What they discover instead is much more sinister…

When they visit the local ice cream parlor, a man rushes through the doorway, clutching his throat and dying in a pool of blood. Chief Lively and two men, David Hunt and Logan Rayne, interrogate Elizabeth and Scarlett. Elizabeth stares at the dashing, blue-eyed David, stunned she agreed to a date with him just hours ago.

Elizabeth wants to pack her bags and visit other harbor towns, but Scarlett insists on keeping their appointment. They fall in love with the quaint bed-and-breakfast and sign the papers a few days later.
Once they settle into the inn, strange incidents plague Blue Harbor. At Scarlett’s date with Jonathan Hale, the charming ice cream parlor owner, a woman’s head explodes at the next table. A suspicious explosion rocks the harbor, destroying boats and part of the dock. Their fears mount as an intruder breaks into the inn.

The curse placed by the Penobscot Indians on the original settlers and descendants of Blue Harbor has returned with a violent twist.

Have Elizabeth and Scarlett put their lives in danger by dating two of Blue Harbor’s descendents? Should they sell the inn or stay and fight the curse alongside David, Logan, and Jonathan?