Home 2010s 3 Star Horror Movie Reviews The 13th Friday (2017) #Curses #HautedHouse #Horror
Home 2010s 3 Star Horror Movie Reviews The 13th Friday (2017) #Curses #HautedHouse #Horror

The 13th Friday (2017) #Curses #HautedHouse #Horror

I’d been wanting to see The 13th Friday (2017) since I heard about it a few years ago, and I finally found it on Tubi. I base a lot of what I want to see on the poster or the little burb, when I do watch trailers, I take them with a grain of salt because many times they show the best bits of the movie in that short teaser. I’m not sure if my desire to see this movie would’ve changed.

The beginning is so disconnected that I had a hard time understanding who was who and how they fit into the story. I’m still not sure about one of the characters at the beginning from the lesbian breakup scene. Then there were flashes of a girl inside a house and teenagers outside having a party, daring each other to go inside.

From there, I wasn’t sure what was happening or why. They did try to connect the dots, but it was a little too complicated for me at times. While the acting was low budget, almost feeling like a high school performance, the effects were not; except for the spinning lampshade and the strange creatures, those were totally high school.

As the 13th Friday wrapped up, I couldn’t help but enjoy it, even with the hiccups. The frights were good as was the creepiness. I just wished that the editing would’ve been better. That said, I gave it 3 out of 5 Stars.