Home 2010s 4 Star Horror Movie Reviews Minutes to Midnight (2018) #Slasher #Revenge #Horror
Home 2010s 4 Star Horror Movie Reviews Minutes to Midnight (2018) #Slasher #Revenge #Horror

Minutes to Midnight (2018) #Slasher #Revenge #Horror

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Minutes to Midnight (2018) has an interesting cast, including William Baldwin, Richard Grieco, John Hennigan, and Bill Moseley. Then there’s the young adult cast who, of course, don’t heed the warnings to go home. Their involvement was for slaughter as expected.

The whys of the film come rushing in quickly and everything was answered with a not-so-shocking twist. The jump scares were to my liking with a slasher as were the kills themselves. The masks for the killers reminded me of other masked antagonists that I’ve seen before, but at least they weren’t exact copies.

Bill Moseley, being the reason this film made my watch list, played Gimple an artistic killer who only gets, at most, a cameo appearance, which was a little disappointing. But his twisted role left a larger impact on Minutes to Midnight than other bits (I wouldn’t expect anything less from him).

4 Stars

Minutes to Midnight is a great film that you should watch if you haven’t already. I gave it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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