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Sunday, November 26, 2023


Diedrich Koch started sleepwalking again, and he doesn't know why. When a group of campers arrives at his secluded cabin, looking for their missing friend, memories of his past flood his mind. After finding a mark on the ground that matches the scar on his neck, he hopes to discover the truth from his mother, who gives him no answers. Then, when his father returns after being absent for over a decade, telling him an unbelievable tale, Diedrich must decide how he wants the future to unfold.

Lord of Witches


Master Leonard wants his son and will change the world to have him.

After a pregnant woman is abducted and her unborn child stolen, Detective Jonas Weschler is called to investigate. He is drawn to Park Hill, where a dog runs into the street in front of his car. A house he stops in front of to avoid the dog seems to call to him, but he doesn’t know why.

Momma keeps a secret from her son, Darrick, that would explain why she’s treated him so badly throughout the years. When Darrick marries Gloria, and they leave town to escape Momma, she finds them in a motel room. 

When Master Leonard unites three witches to help him bring his realm to this world, not all are willing participants. One knows what she must do to stop Master Leonard by leaving gifts in his realm that she hopes will be enough.

Amilcar: The Blythe Valley Chronicles

Blythe Valley has a secret that it wishes no one discovers. This collection of stories reveals what it wants to hide.

The night Atticus decided to take his life, a Fallen Angel came, giving him new hope for the future. Decades pass, and Heather and her friends hike into the woods to find the fabled town of Blythe, where she discovers a strange box that soon brings all of her dreams to life. 

Strange dreams start to plague Aletha and Pete after opening the old Steamer trunk that she found in the attic, and soon, their lives are turned upside down. 

When Ezra Thompson and his son, Eli, visit Waldgrave, they quickly learn that Amilcar has taken another to do its bidding and have little time to prepare before they face off with the Fallen Angel to save the town and its residents from its reign of terror.

The Road to Nowhere

Friends Steve, Everett, and Reed are traveling to a lake resort to celebrate Everett’s upcoming wedding when their van breaks down in the middle of nowhere. When they find an old farmhouse, they discover the elderly couple, Aggie and Morty,  aren’t as hospitable as they initially thought and find themselves subject to the sadistic and cannibalistic pair. Aggie and Morty will be eating well unless Steve, Everett, and Reed can escape the farmhouse.

The Road to Saratin

The world had already begun to change in ways Carl had no idea were possible when the voices started speaking to him on the night of his sixth birthday. When Carl’s mom contacted Dr. Emerson Sharod at the Freedom Institute, she had no idea that the time she cherished with her son would end.

Twenty-two years later, the voices urge Carl to leave the Freedom Institute after a man is slain under suspicious circumstances. He doesn’t question them and naively crosses the threshold into Montford, where he knows no one. A few help him, risking their safety so he can escape the walled city and begin his trek to find his mom in Saratin.

The world outside the walls is stranger than the city, with unknown dangers at every step, though not everyone is a foe. Along the way, he meets many who help him and share stories about what caused the changes in the world. When he reaches Base 40, he meets Astrid, who rescued him from freaks on the first day of his travels. He is worried that she will tell the baser leader, Corporal Phelps, that he’s the escapee from the Freedom Institute, but she does not.

After an uncomfortable meal with Corporal Phelps, Carl shares his story with Astrid. She agrees to take him to Saratin. Reaching the tent city outside the walls of Saratin, they search for refuge, and Kenneth, who is partially responsible for the chaos in the world,  takes them in. Corporal Phelps quickly infiltrates the safe place, and they return to Base 40, where Carl witnesses the Corporal torturing Astrid. In a moment of anguish, Carl remembers something he was told, helping him devise a plan to save Astrid, himself, and, unknowingly, the world.

Master of Ravens


When Eli Thompson and Jonas Wechsler arrive at Eli’s ranch in Wyoming, Jonas thinks he’s in for a peaceful vacation away from Denver’s chaos and crime, but soon, they learn that relaxation isn’t what’s in store for them. A Fallen Angel has his eye set on Jonas when he sees a trait in him that would change the world for himself and the other Fallen. 

After Jonas touches Belphegor’s beast, he reveals to Eli the three things it showed him, none of which are joyous and carefree as he’d planned for his time off from being a Detective. Eli’s friend, Connie, prompts them to return to Denver with the beast as it isn’t safe for the small community for them to remain.

The moment Karen had agreed to stand by Jimmy’s side in the dark, she wasn’t sure what his motives were until she saw the torment he caused the woman who took him back to the orphanage as an infant. When Jimmy becomes apathetic to his control of the discarded Cambion, Karen is unaware that the plan she devises to gain more power isn’t her own but that of the Master of Ravens whispering in her ear.

Little time passes when Jonas and Eli quickly learn that the Fallen Angel behind the brutal killings wants more than an audience with God. He wants history rewritten so everyone knows his name and for his grandchildren, Lily and Jimmy, to be part of a ritual to bring his former self to the world. Jonas and Eli’s problem is stopping the Fallen Angel before more lives are taken and providing a rational explanation to Lieutenant Gonzales.

Daughter of Illusion

Eli Thompson has witnessed many disturbing things in his life. When he receives a vision of despicable acts and isn’t sure what to do until a voice tells him that he needs to leave his comfortable home in Wyoming and go to Denver. Upon his arrival, Eli still doesn’t know why he’s there until his senses lead him to a restaurant in LODO where a grisly act has occurred.

After Detective Jonas Wechsler arrests Eli for being at a crime scene, they discover that other crimes involving a vanishing perpetrator are entwined with the same Fallen Angel, Agrat bat Mahlat, who desires to bring about change to the world by sacrificing men to Samael. Quickly, they learn that there are other players in this vile plan, one a pawn to carry out the Fallen Angel’s orders and two siblings who were separated at birth.

Against their Watchers’ wishes, Eli and Jonas confront Agrat, finding themselves in a precarious predicament.

Liaisons Macabre


Relationships make the world go around, even the dark ones many don’t want to consider. In this collection of short stories, you will encounter a man determined to protect his sister, dark spirits wanting nothing more than to return to the land of the living, and even a murder victim forced to watch as his killer disassembles his corpse.

You should move along if you are looking for a sweet romance or someone famous’s true-life story. These stories are dark and dreadful, created to fill you with fright and uncomfortable feelings.

darkness is coming

When Jess buys the house on Scarlet Lane, she quickly learns more is inside the house than the walls. A strange clicking fills the house at night, terrifying her children, ghosts reveal themselves, and she discovers a dark entity that frightens a young girl, causing her to fall down the stairs to her death. 

After Mason is released from prison, he is lucky to find a job somewhere to live in his hometown. When he meets Jess, he discovers she bought his childhood home on Scarlet Lane, but Mason knows nothing about the dark things that reside there. His employer sends him on a mission to find something in the house, though he leaves out the details.

Only a few know what happened in the old mining at the mountain base when the beast made itself known over two hundred years ago. Throughout the years, it toys with the residents, possessing them, tormenting them, and killing them. An unexpected hero tells Jess and Mason the town’s history and about the beast trapped in the house on Scarlet Lane, sharing the plan to end its reign of terror before it takes more lives.

World Circus

Which card are you?

To children, World Circus is an adventure, but Mary and, especially, Darrin, don’t find it a safe place, though they’ve allowed their daughter, Susie, to return there whenever she wants and on occasion takes her friends with her.

When bizarre events won’t allow Susie to return to World Circus, and she wonders why. Her mother, Mary, knows the answer but refuses to tell her, wanting her to figure out the reason for herself. The only thing Susie knows is that she is no longer Page of Buckets.

A series of dreams show Susie how and why a woman created World Circus, unlocking the mystery of her new card. Susie witnesses a horrific scene of destruction, and when she finds the woman returns the cards to her.

HOME: A Novel

When Cody learns a Fallen Angel reigns in his hometown, he must return to end the evil plans.

Shoshoni used to be a thriving, small town in Wyoming but now has lost its luster. Some don’t care what happens, while others have fought for the town’s demise to keep the prophecy from coming true. One man, hiding behind the glaring windows of the Shanley Hotel, wants the city restored. He gave his knowledge to a young man many years ago who can help him more than he knows if he would just come home.

Strange things have been happening to thirty-three-year-old Cody; he’s lost sleep, heard sounds that shouldn’t be there, and has bruises he cannot explain. A woman, he’s sure has been stalking him, tells him to be careful, and he laughs. When he wakes with her in a motel room, he listens to what she has to say, though Cody doesn’t expect the psycho-stalker to tell him he should not go home.

At thirty, Tyler is still looking for ways to make an easy dollar, but he gets more than he expects when he goes home. The man living in the Shanley Hotel seduces him and convinces him to begin work restoring the block. When his brother, Cody, arrives to take Tyler away from Shoshoni, he is soon drawn into the darkness growing in the hotel without hope of escape.

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