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#BlackFriday Sale Day 1

Daughter of Illusion and Master of Ravens are on sale for $.0.99 today and tomorrow (November 23-24) at Amazon for Kindle. Daughter of Illusion Eli Thompson has witnessed many disturbing things in his life, but when he has a vision of despicable acts, he isn’t sure what to do until he is told that he needs to leave his comfortable home in Wyoming and go to Denver, CO. When he arrives there, he still doesn’t know why he’s there until his senses lead him to a restaurant in LODO where a grisly act has occurred. After Eli is arrested by Detective Jonas Wechsler for being at a crime scene, they discover that other crimes where the perpetrator has vanished have happened and are entwined with the same Fallen Angel, Agrat bat Mahlat, who desires to bring about change to the world by sacrificing men to Samael. Quickly, they learn that there are other players in this vile plan, one a pawn to carry out the Fallen Angel’s orders, and two siblings, who were separated at birth. Eli and Jonas, agains

Kindle 99 Cent Sale

Kindle 99 Cent Sale Hello everyone, I’m having a Kindle 99 Cent Sale.  I’m hoping everyone is doing well in this strange and uncertain time.  With more to do free time on our hands, it’s hard to know what to do. Reading is always something to do to take our minds off what ails the world by jumping into something different and unexpected. Reading has always been a passion of mine as well as writing. Kindle 99 Cent Sale Writing for me is cathartic, giving me a way to release the turmoil within myself. To share me with you, I’ve decided to put the Kindle editions of my books on sale for 99cents through April 8th. All I ask in return is that you share your thoughts on Amazon in the form of a review. It doesn’t have to be long, only a few words are all that is needed. I appreciate everyone who’s taken the time in the past do this simple gesture. Kindle 99 Cent Sale Here are all of my books. Hover over the book cover, then click the Available on Amazon Kindle button to go to Amazon. You can

Master of Ravens Now Available! #HorrorNovel #PromoteHorror

Anyone experience anything #fuckedup or #freaky with your friends or family? #actinglikeafreak #beyondcrazy #strangebehavior That is a tweet from my newest horror novel Master of Ravens, the second Eli Thompson Thriller, which is available today at Amazon! For Master of Ravens, I searched for a Fallen Angel who isn’t well known; though, are many of them known anymore? In his previous form, Naberus can be found in folklore about hell hounds that guard the underworld. I knew he was the one I wanted to write about when I learned that he also had the form of a raven. I discovered little about him besides what is written in the Grand Grimoire, so it gave me the opportunity to create him the way I needed him; who knows, I could be right. The thing about book series is that it’s sometimes difficult to understand what’s happening if you hadn’t read the previous installments. My hope with Master of Ravens is that you can pick it up and not be lost with what’s happened previously. Of course ther