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Diedrich Koch started sleepwalking again, and he doesn't know why. When a group of campers arrives at his secluded cabin, looking for their missing friend, memories of his past flood his mind. After finding a mark on the ground that matches the scar on his neck, he hopes to discover the truth from his mother, who gives him no answers. Then, when his father returns after being absent for over a decade, telling him an unbelievable tale, Diedrich must decide how he wants the future to unfold.

The Road to Saratin

The world had already begun to change in ways Carl had no idea were possible when the voices started speaking to him on the night of his sixth birthday. When Carl’s mom contacted Dr. Emerson Sharod at the Freedom Institute, she had no idea that the time she cherished with her son would end. Twenty-two years later, the voices urge Carl to leave the Freedom Institute after a man is slain under suspicious circumstances. He doesn’t question them and naively crosses the threshold into Montford, where he knows no one. A few help him, risking their safety so he can escape the walled city and begin his trek to find his mom in Saratin. The world outside the walls is stranger than the city, with unknown dangers at every step, though not everyone is a foe. Along the way, he meets many who help him and share stories about what caused the changes in the world. When he reaches Base 40, he meets Astrid, who rescued him from freaks on the first day of his travels. He is worried that she will tell the

Hydrangeas on the Lanai

  Alexis's childhood home is filled with secrets. When Alexis's parents and husband mysteriously die, she finds sadness and depression running rampant in her life. A simple invitation to Parsons Manor brings her exciting feelings and memories. Though she questions the intent, she readily accepts and is whisked away to her childhood home filled with secrets. Wandering the halls and yards of Parsons Manor, she cannot escape the feeling someone is watching her. Afraid no one will believe her, she doesn’t tell of her paranoia.  After a member of the kitchen staff plummets to her death from the third-floor balcony, Gabe Parsons becomes worried, but he acts as though nothing is out of the ordinary. But when someone brutally murders the downstairs maid and abducts Alexis for the second time, he knows he must act before the prophesized curse comes to fruition, changing everything about their lives.

Neon Houses by Linda Mims @boom_lyn #RRBC #Thriller

Neon Houses is a dystopian thriller set in the future with flying cars and psychic abilities. It follows Noel as she tries to solve the strange murder of a young woman while working as a school leader in the bad part of town and being a devoted wife. Linda created characters who are relatable, each having strong traits and personalities in a world that isn’t much different than our own. There were times I lost sight of the plot as the many layers of what was happening caused it to blur. Though, I cannot say that anything she wrote was bad. I enjoyed every word and the vividness of everything she showed me. I gave Neon Houses 4 out of 5 Stars. Get your copy at Amazon today!

March Book Reviews #RRBC @YvetteMCalleiro @maurabeth

I hate it when I get behind on writing reviews. I’ve had three stories waiting for me to talk about for too long, so I will put them in one post. The One Revealed (Chronicles of the Diasodz Book 4) by Yvette M. Calleiro The story picks up where books two and three left off, and so much happened in this installment of the Chronicles of the Diasodz that I was hard-pressed to put down because I wanted to know what would happen to our heroes next. The turmoil was heavy, and I became more attached to the characters than I already was because of it. I gave The One Revealed 5 out of 5 Stars. Get your copy at Amazon ! I'll Be Right Back by Maura Beth Brennan I applaud Maura Beth Brennan for writing this short story. The details of Warren’s wife disappearing in the night gave me concern as I wondered what could’ve happened to her. Then as the story unfolds, everything is revealed with an ending I didn’t expect. I gave I’ll Be Right Back 5 out of 5 Stars. Get your copy at Amazon ! The One Aw

The One Betrayed by Yvette M Calleiro #Fantasy #Review #RRBC @YvetteMCalleiro

  The One Betrayed is the third installment in the Chronicles of the Diasodz and shows what happened to Rafe after Sofia went with Ar’ch and Angel (basically an overlay of Book 2). This book is quite the page-turner, and I had a hard time putting it down even when my eyelids started to get heavy. If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend it. I gave The One Betrayed 4 out of 5 Stars. Get your copy at Amazon !