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When Mary brings home a deck of tarot cards, the Circus Tarot, the dull life she and her husband, Darrin, have lived changes. They become members of the strange society without realizing it, leaving behind their daily rituals and joining World Circus’ ranks with carnivorous Clowns and provocative entertainers. Though Mary is entirely comfortable being a performer under the Big Top, Darrin wants to escape the disturbing world. After a terrorizing encounter, resulting in death, they learn the bizarre rules of the land and discover that the denizens of the sinister World Circus want more than to entertain them. 

Mary and Darrin make a deal with the inhabitants of World Circus to save their lives. Returning to her life outside World Circus, Mary scours the streets to find replacements for the souls removed from the dark world she’d escaped, all the while wishing she could return to the serenity found in Star’s light as she performed for the Ladies and Gentlemen. Once Darrin is free of the Circus, they learn that not everything is as the inhabitants would like them to believe. After much consideration, they decide there is only one thing they can do.