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X (2022) is a typical slasher. However, it took too long to get to the action and focused more on porn. I get it. Slashers have a tendency to be tied to sex, and that’s what this film was about, but they at least could’ve done some stabby-stabby during those scenes.

I found it a little weird for Brittany Snow to be in the role she was in, but I adjusted. The other actor I recognized was Martin Henderson; he was on Grey’s Anatomy for a minute. The rest of the cast was unknown to me, and I enjoyed their performances.

The house reminded me of the one from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and at any moment, I expected a child of the elderly couple to jump out and do the killing; that didn’t happen. When the kills did start, I was happy with the gore quantity.  I just wish they hadn’t waited until the last 30 minutes to get to it.

3.5 Stars

Even with X taking so long to launch, I had a good time and gave it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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