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Allegoria (2022) starts with some sort of “find your inner animal” exercise with a professor that I wished would shut up. His voice was so annoying I almost stopped watching. When one student became her inner beast and took out the professor, I cheered.

After the opening, the film becomes an anthology, telling the story of individuals and how their inner monster controls them. I liked how they were still tied together, and one part of a phone conversation seen from a character’s point of view is flipped later on to hear the other side.

The minimal effects are good, but nothing special. There’s a total absence of jump scares, which I thought would thrive in this movie. The ending, well, was different. The monologue was a lot, and I felt underwhelmed with it just stopping with no real satisfaction.

3 Stars

I gave Allegoria 3 out of 5 Stars

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