Tamed (Werepets Unleashed Book 1) by Douglas R. Brown #Book Review

Tamed is an interesting take on werewolves, slavery, and how things are run by unscrupulous people and I loved it. Every page kept me engaged, making me wonder what was going to happen next. The book is filled with action and I felt a strong connection to the characters as they worked to bring justice to the WerePets. I gave Tamed 4 out of 5 Stars. Get your copy at Amazon !  

The Garage by J. Dispenza #Book Review

The Garage wasn’t the worst thing I’ve read, but it was predictable and on the boring side. Nothing really happened except Zoe’s prophetic dream coming true. Based on the description, I expected a lot more, but it was anti-climactic. I gave the Garage 3 out of 5 Stars. Get your copy at Amazon!

The Killing Complex (The Killing Saga Book 1) by KG Leslie #Book Review

  The Killing Complex is a lot to take. Its ultraviolence left me unsettled at times, but there was so much of it after a while it was just oh hum. I honestly didn’t understand the point of it at times or where it was going. Since it’s a series, I probably will never know, since I didn’t really care for it. I gave The Killing Complex 3 out of 5 Stars. Get your copy at Amazon !

Shatterbones by Robert Brown #Book Review

  Shatterbones is an apocalyptic novel where children are changed into different beings, and let me tell you, I was quite impressed with the imagery. Each chapter kept me interested and on the edge of my seat. The different settings and action scenes were well-crafted by the author. There’s so much more I want to tell you about this book, but I can’t because I hate spoilers. I gave Shatterbones 5 Stars. Get your copy on Amazon!

Halfborn by Soleil Daniels #Book Review

Halfborn is about Coral, who is a vampire. She dreams about a man and not the one she changed. Most of the time, I couldn’t figure out where this story was going. Which, sometimes, is a good thing, but where it ended up left me empty. The overdone sex scenes were uncomfortable to watch, and that’s saying a lot. Since I have the habit of not putting a book down until it’s done, and I reached the end. I’m still unsure how I feel about Halfborn, so I’ll give it 3 out of 5 Stars. Get a copy at Amazon .

The Legend of Ethni LeDoux by Linda Mims @boom_lyn #RRBC #Thriller

  Some of the questions I had from Linda’s Neon Houses were answered in this prequel. Traveling with Ethni and seeing what she’s capable of was great to learn. While this is only a short, there’s so much in it to keep me entertained and waiting for the next installment. I gave the Legend of Ethni LeDoux 5 Stars. Get your copy at Amazon !


Diedrich Koch started sleepwalking again, and he doesn't know why. When a group of campers arrives at his secluded cabin, looking for their missing friend, memories of his past flood his mind. After finding a mark on the ground that matches the scar on his neck, he hopes to discover the truth from his mother, who gives him no answers. Then, when his father returns after being absent for over a decade, telling him an unbelievable tale, Diedrich must decide how he wants the future to unfold.

Lord of Witches

  Master Leonard wants his son and will change the world to have him. After a pregnant woman is abducted and her unborn child stolen, Detective Jonas Weschler is called to investigate. He is drawn to Park Hill, where a dog runs into the street in front of his car. A house he stops in front of to avoid the dog seems to call to him, but he doesn’t know why. Momma keeps a secret from her son, Darrick, that would explain why she’s treated him so badly throughout the years. When Darrick marries Gloria, and they leave town to escape Momma, she finds them in a motel room.  When Master Leonard unites three witches to help him bring his realm to this world, not all are willing participants. One knows what she must do to stop Master Leonard by leaving gifts in his realm that she hopes will be enough.

Amilcar: The Blythe Valley Chronicles

Blythe Valley has a secret that it wishes no one discovers. This collection of stories reveals what it wants to hide. The night Atticus decided to take his life, a Fallen Angel came, giving him new hope for the future. Decades pass, and Heather and her friends hike into the woods to find the fabled town of Blythe, where she discovers a strange box that soon brings all of her dreams to life.  Strange dreams start to plague Aletha and Pete after opening the old Steamer trunk that she found in the attic, and soon, their lives are turned upside down.  When Ezra Thompson and his son, Eli, visit Waldgrave, they quickly learn that Amilcar has taken another to do its bidding and have little time to prepare before they face off with the Fallen Angel to save the town and its residents from its reign of terror.

The Road to Nowhere

Friends Steve, Everett, and Reed are traveling to a lake resort to celebrate Everett’s upcoming wedding when their van breaks down in the middle of nowhere. When they find an old farmhouse, they discover the elderly couple, Aggie and Morty,  aren’t as hospitable as they initially thought and find themselves subject to the sadistic and cannibalistic pair. Aggie and Morty will be eating well unless Steve, Everett, and Reed can escape the farmhouse.

The Road to Saratin

The world had already begun to change in ways Carl had no idea were possible when the voices started speaking to him on the night of his sixth birthday. When Carl’s mom contacted Dr. Emerson Sharod at the Freedom Institute, she had no idea that the time she cherished with her son would end. Twenty-two years later, the voices urge Carl to leave the Freedom Institute after a man is slain under suspicious circumstances. He doesn’t question them and naively crosses the threshold into Montford, where he knows no one. A few help him, risking their safety so he can escape the walled city and begin his trek to find his mom in Saratin. The world outside the walls is stranger than the city, with unknown dangers at every step, though not everyone is a foe. Along the way, he meets many who help him and share stories about what caused the changes in the world. When he reaches Base 40, he meets Astrid, who rescued him from freaks on the first day of his travels. He is worried that she will tell the