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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Welcome to Day 4 of the #RRBC March "SPOTLIGHT" Author Blog Tour! #JoyMLilley @JoyGerken @RRBC_Org #FigsVinesRoses #RRBC #RRBCSA

FIGS, VINES & ROSES by Author, Joy M. Lilley

Chapter 7 Snippet:

Figs, Vines & Roses by Joy M. LilleyClarence was extremely unhappy when he first arrived at Rugby School. It took him a long time to understand the principles of education there, and the high expectations demanded of the pupils.

The boys worked from seven in the morning until ten at night six days a week and studied the Bible equally hard on Sundays. Compared to his education at home, this new routine came as a huge shock. He had known relative freedom in his tutoring up until now, and the strict discipline of religious and moral principles, followed closely by the standards of gentlemanly conduct and the pressures of the academic requirements, all took their toll on him.

The students were from the same middle and upper-class background as Clarence, but he found it difficult to be away from home and he missed Isabella immensely. The worst experience he had to endure was being bullied. For the first time in his life, he wasn’t the leader of the pack, but the subservient one. In the past, his friends had relied upon him to make plans, and organise all events that were to happen each day during the school holidays.

One day, four boys from the class above his came over and started to push him and call him names. He asked them what he had done that caused them to pick on him.

“We don’t need a reason, Merryweather; we will do it because we can, and there is nothing that you can do about it.”

They were bigger and more confident than he was. Clarence was punched and kicked and shoved to the ground. He got up swiftly and lashed out at them with both his fists, trying in desperation to protect himself. He was then tormented by a Rugby initiation ritual, which consisted of him being dragged away into the undergrowth, his clothes ripped from his body, a ribbon tied around his penis, and his trousers and underpants confiscated. The humiliation of this ritual was horrendous, and although it seemed that every newcomer to the school had to go through the ghastly process, he never got over the ordeal. What hurt most of all, was that the friends he was with that day, boys he thought would stand by him, had made a hasty retreat so as not to become involved. They had been through the ritual, and in no way wanted to experience it again.


Joy GerkenMy pen name is Joy M. Lilley (aka Joy Gerken). I am a writer and have been writing seriously since 2011 with seven books published to date. My previous career was as a trained nurse [R.G.N.] which I loved but it offered little time for me to write until my retirement.

I joined Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC) almost 6 years ago and have been amazed by the friendship and support offered by all.

FIGS, VINES & ROSES was the first novel produced by me. I paid a considerable sum to have it edited at the time. This proved not to be adequate for a number of reasons. Several folks in RRBC commented about the need for further editing, and when that number reached three people, I felt it necessary to do something about it.

It was recently re-edited by 4WillsPublishing. Nonnie kindly offered to help me with the extra work at zero cost. It’s been re-released on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats. If you took a stab at the first version, I would appreciate it if you would reach out to Amazon for the updated version and give it another go.

I promote my work via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I also pay for promotion. I am ever grateful for the amazing support given by the members of RRBC.

I enjoy audio recording short stories on my advanced home equipment, and I now offer voice-over work through Fiverr.


Thank you for your support of this author. To follow along with the rest of the tour, please visit the RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” Author page on the RRBC site!

Saturday, November 26, 2022

It's Day 5 of the #RRBC Spotlight Author Blog Tour for #Author, Harriet Hodgson @healthmn1! C'mon by! @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RRBCSA #GriefDoodling

Today, I’m welcoming back Harriet Hodgson for the 5th day of her RRBC Spotlight Tour.


What Can You Do When Book Sales Stall?

By Harriet Hodgson

Book marketing is a never-ending task. To track your efforts, you may want to keep a marketing log. Try to take one marketing step a day. Despite your best efforts, your book sales may stall. What can you do?

Don’t give up. When seeing an ad or article and order your book, buyers may think they took immediate action. In truth, three or four weeks may pass before a buyer takes action. So you need to continue your book marketing efforts.

Learn more about marketing. My current publisher has an authors’ portal on its website. Authors can click on the portal, enter the password, and find information on a broad range of topics. This information includes copyright information, wholesale pricing, and marketing ideas.

Bring your book to consumers. The days of autographing books in a bookstore seem to be fading. Instead of having buyers come to them, Indie authors are taking their books to consumers. They are autographing books at wineries, coffee shops, grocery stores, and outdoor markets.

Connect with other authors. RRBC and RWISA are perfect for this. You are connecting with authors that understand a writer’s life, the challenges you face, and the excitement you feel when you hold your book in your hands.

Take a different route. I just signed with a top-notch radio marketing company. Yes, the fee was high, but I knew I was paying for access, pre-written questions for interviewers, and linking my book to current headlines. Time will tell if my money was well spent.

Grief Doodling by Harriet Hodgson'
About Grief Doodling

From the very first page, Grief Doodling invites action. Topics range from the benefits of doodling, to why doodling is fun, to doodling tips, and responding to doodling prompts. The prompts, based on grief research, promote self-worth and healing. This is a hopeful book—something all grieving kids need.


About Harriet Hodgson

Harriet Hodgson, BS, MA has been a freelance writer for 42+ years, is the author of thousands of print/online articles and 42 books. She is a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists, Alliance of Independent Authors, and Minnesota Coalition for Death Education and Support.

Harriet is Assistant Editor of the Open to Hope website. She is a contributing writer for, The Grief Toolbox, and “Grief Digest,” now an online magazine.

A popular speaker, Harriet has given presentations at The Compassionate Friends national conference, Bereaved Parents of the USA national conference, public health, Alzheimer’s, and caregiving conferences. She has appeared on more than 185 radio shows, including CBS Radio, and dozens of television stations, including CNN.

RWISA Rock Star, Harriet Hodgson

This award-winning author loves writing so much she writes in her sleep. Grief Doodling: Back Your Smiles, written and illustrated by Harriet, is her latest book.

Find Harriet at the following places

Twitter facebook link

Thank you for dropping by to support Harriet along her tour. To follow along with the rest of her 7-day tour, please visit the “SPOTLIGHT” Author forum on the RRBC site and don’t forget to pick up a copy of her book above! Lastly, we ask that you LIKE and SHARE this post, as well as the “SPOTLIGHT” Author page, to your social media, to enhance Harriet’s support!

Friday, September 11, 2020

Susanne Leist @SusanneLeist - #RRBC Spotlight Author #RRBCSA

Today, I welcome Susanne Leist, the RRBC Spotlight Author for September 2020.


(Note about the poem from Susanne Leist.) Poetry began as a way to promote my books. Now, it is one of my passions. This poem describes Wolf’s love for Linda, a vampire who loves a human.


He has come for me.
I’ll never be free.
He comes at night,
Fear at first sight.

He claims his love,
But he’s no dove.
He’s evil as can be,
Always searching for me.

I must hide until morning,
Or the town will be mourning.
The devil hides his face.
I know his deadly pace.

His footsteps ring hollow.
Steps quicken to follow.
He sings a sweet song.
I know I’m not wrong.

The devil is right behind me,
Even though his face, I can’t see.
He has me in his grasp.
I cry out with a gasp.

He kisses me with passion.
I know this is his fashion
To take what is not his
And make me into his.


William’s bite bonded Shana to him, but he didn’t ask her to mate with him for life. She isn’t ready for a lifetime commitment. Now, William excludes her from his vampire meetings. Shana understands he’s an original vampire with immense powers. For them to be a couple, he has to treat as an equal partner. If William doesn’t respect her, then what are their chances of finding happiness?

Shana speaks to Linda, her best friend, of her fears.

“Paradise is an illusion.” Shana’s face grows heated as her frustration mounts. “Oasis is a haven for vampires. I’m tired of their battles. The Watchers get rid of an evil group of vamps, and another group arrives and attacks. It’s a vicious cycle. Vampires are trouble.”

“We will have a happy ending.” Linda lifts her head. “Don’t lose faith. The Watchers will protect us, and Gregg has an elite force of original vampires.” She touches Shana’s arm. “William loves you; he won’t let something happen to you.”

“The vampires keep secrets from us.” Shana swallows the lump in her throat. “I don’t want to live with vamps anymore, and I need time to decide on my relationship with William. One minute, I’m suffocating, and then the next, I’m lost without him.”

As a new enemy descends on Oasis, Florida, Shana turns to Sheriff Sam, who broke her heart. Can she trust the human-vampire?

This begins Shana’s journey to fight vampires and werewolves with Sam at her side.

An explosion at Chateau Frontenac in Quebec doesn’t stop Shana and her friends from saving their town, and maybe even the world.

About Susanne Leist

Susanne LeistI have always loved to read. Agatha Christie, Alistair Maclean, Robert Ludlum, and other authors filled my young imagination with intrigue and mystery. When I wasn’t reading late into the night, the TV shows such as Murder She Wrote and Columbo, entertained me with murder and suspense tales.

Over the years, my taste in TV expanded to include such shows as Supernatural and The Originals. I searched for paranormal, murder mysteries, but found few at the library or bookstore. So, I wrote one.

The Dead Game, Book One of The Dead Game series, brings fantasy and surrealism to the classic murder mystery with dead bodies, suspects, and clues. It offers vampires, vampire derivatives, and a touch of romance to spice the motley mix.

The story continues in Book Two, Prey for The Dead, as The Dead vampires use an exclusive club in Disney World to infiltrate the rich and famous. As The Dead grow in power, not even the bright sunshine of Florida can weaken them. Linda and her friends join forces with human vampires–known as hybrids–to defeat the evil threatening to control Oasis. A masquerade ball and a romp through the tunnels beneath the town lead to a showdown in southern Florida’s swamps.

The Dead At Heart is Shana’s love story. Will her love for William strengthen, or will Sam lead her on a different path? At Chateau Frontenac in Quebec, Shana and her fearless friends fight for Oasis and their lives.

A career in writing has been a giant leap for me. Accustomed to the number-crunching field of budgeting and the hectic commodity markets, I left my first career and M.B.A. in Finance behind to pursue my dream. I do not regret my foray into literature for one moment. Fellow authors helped me make my way through the competitive field. I write every day and even tried my hand at poetry. If someone tells you it’s too late in life to try something different, they are wrong. It is never too late to follow your heart.




Thank you for supporting RRBC’s “SPOTLIGHT” Author!  If you’d like to follow along with each stop of this tour, please check out our “SPOTLIGHT” Author forum on the RRBC site.

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Welcome to the WATCH "RWISA" WRITE Showcase Tour! #RRBC #RWISA - Nonnie Jules - SILENT TEARS

This week, I continue with the RRBC/RWISA Showcase Tour, and to kick it off, I welcome Nonnie Jules, who’s sharing a wonderful poem.

by Nonnie Jules

I cry these silent tears for her
For her loss, for her pain, for her heart
Breaking when she looks into their eyes
Her children –
she feels their loss, their pain, their hearts breaking.
The memories –
the hardest
Yet, there’s no getting away from the reminders of what used to be.
There once was a HE
HE sat, parented, loved, even laughed
Yes, towards all ends there is laughter some say
But his chair is empty now
Just as their hearts
Hollow as the tree he chose.
He left it all there
His back against a world filled with painful memories of a childhood unprotected.
His pain…
Bottled up in the bottles of poison he consumed
Reckless abandon he gave to it
But quit…
he could not
would not
was it his choice not?
In the end, the call of the poison was stronger
and he had to answer
he was forced to answer
given no choice but to answer…
was the way he felt.
His choice gave her no choice
Single parenting
A thing for some
It wasn’t her thing
That is
he left her
no choice.

She’ll be fine
Kids are resilient
They’ll be fine
Time heals all wounds
All clichés but true.

I cry my silent tears for her
For the husband she once knew.

Thank you for supporting this member along the WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour today! We ask that if you have enjoyed this member’s writing, please visit their Author Page on the RWISA site, where you can find more of their writing, along with their contact and social media links, if they’ve turned you into a fan.

We ask that you also check out their books in the RWISA or RRBC catalogs. Thanks, again, for your support and we hope that you will follow each member along this amazing tour of talent! Don’t forget to click the link below to learn more about this author:

Nonnie Jules’ RWISA Author Page

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Karen Black #RRBC July Spotlight Author

Today, I’m welcoming Karen Black, July’s RRBC Spotlight Author. She wrote Race Into Murder, which I absolutely loved.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by ghosts, spirits, and anything unknown, and a lot of my plots lean toward the paranormal, sometimes obvious and other times subtle.

The first eBook I published, as an Indie Author, was “A Candle in the Darkness.” It is a story of life after death. I wrote it to ask two questions. Do the dead still live? Can those mourning a death go on with their life?

I wrote “Candle” after I lost a close friend and would like to believe that some who read it will find hope, or maybe a sense of comfort. It’s one of my favorites.

A Candle in the Darkness

Treacherous Love by Karen BlackFlashing and dancing, the lightning would have been beautiful, illuminating the sky like fireworks on the fourth of July, but the rain and the wind made it frightening. Its beauty was lost in the violence of the storm.

Valerie was driving to Maryland. Her husband’s funeral had been that morning. Randy’s parents wanted her to stay with them, for at least another night, but once the funeral was over, Valerie couldn’t stay in that house another hour. She didn’t want to hear his mother tell her one more time how she could feel Randy’s presence, or that she knew he was watching over them. She told Valerie to listen for Randy’s voice, a soft whisper, almost a dream. Valerie didn’t hear a thing.

Randy is gone, she thought. Randy died and the dead don’t come back. They don’t watch over you and they don’t protect you. They get buried in the ground and that’s the end.


Karen BlackKaren Black lives in the eastern United States, with her husband and a variety of critters, wild and domestic. Hobbies include herb gardening, wildlife watching and wine making, though all are put on hold when she’s caught up in a story. With a lifelong affection for animals, a fascination with the supernatural and a background in criminal justice, the author draws on experience, as well as imagination to create stories that are believable, unique and entertaining. Expect the unexpected.



To follow along with the rest of her tour, please visit the “SPOTLIGHT” Author forum on the RRBC site!

If you’re an author and interested in receiving this kind of support for you and your work, please join us at RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB! We look forward to adding your name to our roster and your books to our catalog!

Saturday, November 26, 2022

#RRBC's 6th Annual Writers' Conference & Book Expo

Hello, followers and friends!

Monday, August 9th, is the start of RRBC’s 6th Annual Writers’  Conference & Book Expo, and we’d like to invite you to drop by!

There will be games, prizes, surprises, and other goodies, so be sure to visit each Author Booth, take a look around, then leave a comment for your chance to win each Author Booth’s door prize!

There is a Scavenger Hunt Game to play, a 2 Truths & a Lie Game to play, and more!  In each Author Booth, you will find a clue, and if you find the correct answer to all the clues and are the first to submit your answers, you could be the winner of an awesome prize!

Of course, we’ll have our READING ROOM open and one of our members is going to blow you away showcasing their talent!

If you’re into BINGO, purchase your BINGO cards and join us for a game or two!

And what we all wait for every year – our RAFFLE!  Yes, each year we raffle off (7) $100 Amazon gift cards and this is open to the public so go on and snag your tickets today!  Raffle tickets are only $5!  How awesome would that prize be?  Some of them also include additional goodies like other gift certificates, ebooks, and more!  Enter for your chance to win one or more of these $100 Amazon gift card gift baskets.  The more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning.  (Please do not purchase more than 7 tickets).

This year for the first time ever, we’ve added our BEST BOOK COVER CONTEST!  This contest is open to the general public so go ahead and enter your book cover(s) now!  Share your comments with us and let us know which one you think is best!

Click for a full ITINERARY OF EVENTS!

The venue opens at 5 PM CT on Monday, 8/9/21.  We hope to see you there!  In the event of minor time delays, please check the sidebar of the RRBC website for updates.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The New #RaveReviewsBookClub

Happy New Year, followers!

I’d like to invite you to visit the ALL-NEW RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB at our new location

-If you are an author looking for amazing support, #RRBC is the place for you!
-If you are looking to grow as a writer, #RRBC is the place for you!
-If you are looking for a community where your peers push for your success just as hard as they push for their own, #RRBC is the place for you!

When visiting, we ask that you #follow our site so that you’re kept up-to-date with all the awesome news that we’ll be sharing in 2020.

If you like what you see after looking around the site, then please, JOIN US! We’d love to have you!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Welcome to my stop on the Rave Reviews Book Club’s BOOK, BLOG & TRAILER BLOCK PARTY at Charles W. Jones, Author!


Here’s What I’m Giving Away Today:
$5 Amazon Gift Card
# of Winners for this stop: 1
Leave a comment to be entered into the giveaway. Good luck!

Congratulations to Jan Sikes for winning at this stop!

Behind the scenes look at Daughter of Illusion

During my research for Home, I learned about the hierarchy of Angels, which was something that I’d never considered. But as I read, I discovered more than I’d ever dreamed to be possible, and it stood to reason that the Fallen remained in the hierarchy no matter their status. Of course, I’ve always known and believed that there were more than one Fallen Angel besides Lucifer. However, with the reference of the devil or Satan in other text, I thought they were just other names for Lucifer, then I realized as I studied that the terms were lumping all of the Fallen into these two words.

When I finished writing Home, I thought that was the end of my walk with the Fallen Angels, but I was wrong. A few years later, after reviewing my notes for it, I knew it wasn’t done and started thinking about how I could pick it up again, and turn more of what I learned into more stories. As I mused and toyed with idea, I grabbed a few characters from Home (I left Cody alone for the most part; he’s still freaked out with his encounter with Belphegor) with Eli Thompson being the main character from the past, and I introduced Detective Jonas Wechsler to the world; his name is an anagram for mine.

Being that the majority of the Fallen Angels seem to be male, I had to dig deeper when I began writing Daughter of Illusion to find the perfect Succubus. When I came across Agrat bat Mahlat, I knew she was the one I wanted as the antagonist. Using pieces of what I’d learned about her and adding to her character, I created the Daughter of Illusion.

My short story, The Vow, is the prequel to Daughter of Illusion. For the month of October, you can download it for free by clicking here. Don’t worry, if you don’t read Home or The Vow first, you’ll still understand what’s happening.

About Daughter of Illusion

Book Excellence Award Finalist

Eli Thompson has witnessed many disturbing things in his life, but when he has a vision of despicable acts, he isn’t sure what to do until he is told that he needs to leave his comfortable home in Wyoming and go to Denver, CO. When he arrives there, he still doesn’t know why he’s there until his senses lead him to a restaurant in LODO where a grisly act has occurred.

After Eli is arrested by Detective Jonas Wechsler for being at a crime scene, they discover that other crimes where the perpetrator has vanished have happened and are entwined with the same Fallen Angel, Agrat bat Mahlat, who desires to bring about change to the world by sacrificing men to Samael. Quickly, they learn that there are other players in this vile plan, one a pawn to carry out the Fallen Angel’s orders, and two siblings, who were separated at birth.

Eli and Jonas, against the wishes of their Watchers, decide to confront Agrat, finding themselves in a precarious predicament.


Get your Kindle copy today for only 99¢ (sale ends 10/22/19).

Checkout all of the great tour stops at THE #RRBC 2019 OCTOBER-WEEN BLOCK PARTY! for your chance to win more great prizes and learn about other amazing RRBC Authors.

Friday, May 8, 2020

#RRBC May Spotlight Authors Breakfield & Burkey - Day 6

How Do You Keep Your Writing Different?

Authors Breakfield and Burkey

In writing The Enigma Series, TechnoThriller Fiction, we have technology as the backdrop. Technology changes so frequently as does the consumption by businesses and individuals. As a result, we are able to pick a different focus topic for each book and maintain common characters but also introduce new ones. Our stories are tales of cyber good guys versus cyber thugs. For example, we have focused on Identity Theft, Living Forever, Stealing the Future with AI (artificial intelligence), Gamification, distorting the data driving commodity markets, and Cryptocurrency. These are relevant topics often in the headlines and social media outlets which helps us keep our writing evolving.

The Enigma Rising by Breakfield & BurkeyWe also feel we have an advantage as co-authors. It is very effective when we review characters that are guys or gals because we tend to keep each other honest on what one might say over another. We can draw upon our professional experience and travel which brings the realistic quality to our stories. When we use analogies to highlight a point it is typically something that actually occurred.

Our passion for technology and understanding of the evolution provides a relevant pool of information to draw upon. For example, the forerunner to devices today like an iPhone go all the way back to the Enigma Machine used for encrypting military secrets by the Germans in WWII. We like to tell a fun story that takes readers and listeners down a path of intrigue, but also make them reflect on things like passwords or use of social media. We like to take today’s real technical offerings, put it on steroids, mix in some clever bad actors from the Dark Net, then round up the cyber good guys to hose off their nefarious plans while exercising some romance coupled with travel and a dash of humor. We know how to leverage our character universes in different sub-plots to keep each story fresh.

It’s very scary today how naïve some people, especially our youth are when it comes to simple things like putting a password on their phone. Not only do most phones have credit card information they also have addresses of friends, photos of family, and a clear view of the preferences of an individual. What an easy way for someone to take advantage of some poor soul.

This is where we have taken actual events and turned it into a fictional story about identity theft. At a convention one time a young lady was having so much fun that she left her smart phone on our table and walked away. Thirty minutes later she came back in a panic asking about it and we returned it to her but only after chiding her for not even having a password on it. She is now the proud owner of cell phone pics of Breakfield & Burkey. We thanked her for the story material.

Current events are also something we draw upon in our stories. Granted we take a different twist on it due to how we are telling our story. Staying current in the world events and technology is very important to us. Afterall, Tech·nol·o·gy (tekˈnäləjē) – Is Today’s weapon of choice…. For Book 12 we are seeking two geeky girls with big mouths and one guy to be the man in one of our favorite character’s life. If this is you let us know and the bragging right are yours.

Take care – Breakfield and Burkey

Sci Fi Thriller Author_Roxanne_Ashography

About Breakfield and Burkey

Breakfield is a 25+ year technology expert in security, networking, voice, and anything digital. He enjoys writing, studying World War II history, travel, and cultural exchanges. He’s also a fan of wine tastings, wine-making, Harley riding, cooking extravaganzas, and woodworking.

Burkey, a 25+ year applied technology professional who excels at optimizing technology and business investments for customers all over the world with a focus on optimized customer experiences. She writes white papers and documentation but has a marked preference for fiction.

Together they create award-winning stories that resonate with males and females, young and experienced adults, and bring a fresh new view to technology possibilities today

Social Media

Twitter: @EnigmaSeries and @1rburkey
RRBC Author Page: RRBC Author Page


Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Welcome to the WATCH "RWISA" WRITE Showcase Tour! #RRBC #RWISA - D.L. Finn - POETRY II

Today, I welcome D.L. Finn, an amazing author who’s dropped by to share some of her poetry.

POETRY by D. L. Finn

The icicles dangle downward
Reaching for the substantial snow
Each drop bringing them closer
As the landscape merges into itself
It is silent in its existence
Until a raven reveals itself
Wondering what’s in the trash
Yet, the moment remains peaceful
Sitting and surveying in the chill
An instant promising potential
When there is no celerity
When crackling fires call
When surroundings are concealed
Soon, the renewal will be revealed
But now it’s the stage of contemplation.
For sustenance
For solace
For soul
To live on our abundance of the past
This is the gift of the snow
When we can replenish our hearts
In the silence of the icicles.

(Musings from the back of a Harley)

The freedom of the blue skies
Welcome us warmly back
Our path is asphalt
Our vehicle a mechanical horse
Our guide is the wind
Lush green walls soar
The sun illuminates the way
Oaks are waking up after a long nap
And I…
I fill my soul
With nature’s flowering renewal
Bursting with beauty and abundance
In the freedom of spring.
Roaring white, pounding the granite
Swirling, swelling, splendor
The air is heavy with anticipation
It blows over me like a lover’s touch
Filling my heart with sweet floral ecstasy
I relax into the experience
Each breath carries away my worries
My eyes fill with abandonment
As the rushing liquid serenades me
Singing the praise of this paradise
Until the different directions converge
After a brief resounding rumble
They combine and continue on their way
Leaving the moment where the rivers meet.


As I sit perched up high on our lanai
Comfortable on my recliner in the shade
The ocean draws my gaze
Its sapphire and emerald water calls me
While the blue pool floats in its space—uninviting
I hear the sea’s song as it smashes onto the shore
The surfers ride its motion
The snorkelers gaze into its depth
And the swimmers float on its perception
Our attraction is undeniable
Opposites: one of air, one of water
It beckons, and I must respond
Offering myself up to the hidden world
Under the cerulean summon
I answer, embracing the ocean completely.

Thank you for supporting this member along the WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour today! We ask that if you have enjoyed this member’s writing, please visit their Author Page on the RWISA site, where you can find more of their writing, along with their contact and social media links, if they’ve turned you into a fan.

We ask that you also check out their books in the RWISA or RRBC catalogs. Thanks, again for your support and we hope that you will follow each member along this amazing tour of talent! Don’t forget to click the link below to learn more about this author:

D.L. Finn’s RWISA Author Page

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Ghostly Interference by @JanSikes3 #Review #RRBC #ParanormalRomance

I always find it interesting to read something that isn’t within my normal genre and discover new stories. Ghostly Interference (The White Rune Series) being a romance doesn’t fit into my norm, while the ghost part does. I enjoyed the world that Jan created with Jag and Rena and their almost deadly first encounter. For me, the ghost of Sam could’ve been more frightening at the beginning, but that’s not what this story was about.

Throughout the book, Jag and Rena become their better selves, allowing the other to make them stronger. These characters are very well developed and strong, making them feel real as I read. Even the harassment part of the story seemed like something that has happened in real life.

4 Stars

I was very impressed with Ghostly Interference and give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

About Ghostly Interference

Jag Peters has one goal in his quiet comfortable life—to keep his karma slate wiped clean. A near-miss crash with a candy apple red Harley threatens to upend his safe world. He tracks down the rider to apologize properly. Slipping into a seedy biker bar, he discovers the rider isn’t a “he”, it’s a “she”, a dark-haired beauty.

Rena Jett is a troubled soul, who lives in a rough world. She wants no part of Jag’s apology, but even while she pushes him away, she is attracted to him. When he claims to see a ghost—her brother—can she trust him? And could her brother’s final gift, a magical runestone with the symbol for “happily ever after” have the power to heal her wounds and allow opposites to find common ground—perhaps even love?

About Jan Sikes

RWSIA_Author_Jan_SikesJan Sikes is an award-winning Texas author who has been called a wordsmith by her peers. She openly admits that she never set out in life to be an author. But she had a story to tell. Not just any story, but a true story that rivals any fiction creation. You simply can’t make this stuff up. It all happened. She chose to create fictitious characters to tell the story through, and they bring the intricately woven tale to life in an entertaining way. She released a series of music CDs to accompany the four biographical fiction books and then published a book of poetry and art to complete the story circle.

And now that the story is told, this author can’t find a way to put down the pen. She continues to write fiction and has published many short stories with a series of novels waiting in the wings. She is a member of Authors Marketing Guild, The Writer’s League of Texas, the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB (RRBC), the RAVE WRITER’S INT’L SOCIETY OF AUTHOR (RWISA), sits on the RWISA Executive Council, and hosts a monthly RAVE WAVES blog talk radio show, ASPIRE TO INSPIRE.

Connect with Jan

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Welcome to the WATCH "RWISA" WRITE Showcase Tour! #RRBC #RWISA - Mary Adler - BLACK NOTES BEAT

Today, Mary Adler has stopped by to tell us about crows and share a poem that she wrote in their honor. Crows have always fascinated me, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


I have studied and observed crows for years, and the more I’ve learned about them, the more I admire their complex family and flock relationships. They are intelligent, create and use tools, and they teach their skills to other crows. As Rev. Henry Ward Beecher said, “If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows.”

Over the years, I have told my family and friends more than they ever wanted to know about crows. One person said, after hearing the stories I told about them, that she stopped trying to run crows down with her car. (There is so much wrong with that statement, that I don’t know where to begin.)

During the non-nesting period of the year, crows gather at night to roost together, sometimes in flocks of thousands. They are stealthy and take a roundabout way to the roosting place. They have good reason to be wary. For decades, humans have killed them, even dynamiting their roosting places at night.

Like many natural creatures, they are good and bad, depending on your viewpoint, and not everyone appreciates their beauty. But I love to watch them streaming across the sky–one small group after another–as they return from foraging to join the flock. When they are together, those who have found a safe source of food will tell the others where it is. They share, but only within their own flock.

One evening, after watching them move across the sky, I wrote this:

Black Notes Beat

Black notes beat
Unfurling dusk
Across the bruising sky.

Quarter notes, half notes
Rise and fall.
Whole notes
Rest on treetops.

An arpeggio of eighth notes
Silently swirls,
Scribing a nocturne
in the fading light.

Softly they spill
to the nighttime roost:


Now the still moment,
the last note fading,
No bows, no curtsies,
No fear of reviews.

They need no applause to perform their works.

Mary Adler



San Francisco, 1944. Sophia Nirenska, a Polish resistance fighter who survived the Warsaw ghetto uprising, finds safety in California until someone tries to kill her. She insists political enemies want to silence her, but homicide detective Oliver Wright, on medical leave from the Marines, believes the motive is more personal. He and his German shepherd, Harley, try to protect Sophia, but she insists on doing things her own way—a dangerous decision.

Oliver guards Sophia as they travel from an Italian cafe in Richmond to communist chicken farmers in Petaluma where her impetuous actions put them both in mortal danger.

When Oliver rescues a girl and her dog who are running for their lives, he discovers the dark secret at the heart of the threat to Sophia, a secret with its roots in Poland. When he does, he is forced to choose between enforcing the law as he knows it and jeopardizing Sophia or accepting a rougher kind of justice.

Shadowed by Death accurately portrays the fears and troubles of the communities of northern California as they bear the burdens of World War II and celebrate the gift of finding family among strangers.

Thank you for supporting this member along the WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour today! We ask that if you have enjoyed this member’s writing, please visit their Author Page on the RWISA site, where you can find more of their writing, along with their contact and social media links, if they’ve turned you into a fan.

We ask that you also check out their books in the RWISA or RRBC catalogs. Thanks, again, for your support and we hope that you will follow each member along this amazing tour of talent! Don’t forget to click the link below to learn more about this author:

Mary Adler’s RWISA Author Page

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Join in the celebration of #RRBCAuthor @sharrislaughter, #RRBC's November "SPOTLIGHT" Author! #Author of #OurLadyOfVictory

Please welcome Shirley Harris-Slaughter today. She’s a great supporter of every RRBC Author and a wonderful person.

About Our Lady of Victory (Second Edition)

This is a second edition with updates on the state of this historic church. In the original publication, files were lost then resurfaced with content altered along with missing photos during transition from one publisher to another. Such is the fate of an Independent Author.

Our Lady of Victory by Shirley Harris SlaughterThis book evolved out of years of frustration at the total disregard and lack of respect for the contributions of Black Catholics in the city of Detroit. The author says, “We are not mentioned in the pages of history along with the other Catholic churches that sprung up during the World War II era, and that needed to be corrected.” The author did fulfill one dream since publication … that this church can now be found on the web even though it has merged with another church. It is now called Presentation-Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church.

About Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Shirley Harris SlaughterMy name is Shirley Harris-Slaughter and I’ve been a published author since 2007, although my life plans never included becoming a writer. I was urged to write when I realized there were things going on around me, threatening my community’s survival and yet it seemed no one was paying attention to the urgency of it all. I never dreamed that I would be the “chosen one” to take on the task, but I was, and so, after much research, sleepless nights and being shunned by those who didn’t want me to tell this story, “OUR LADY OF VICTORY: THE SAGA OF AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN COMMUNITY” was born. Something that started out as just a timeline of events to honor the pioneers of this West Eight Mile Community, turned into a full-blown narrative history.

Like most Indie authors, I was struggling to get even a little recognition in an already over-crowded field. Then, I happened upon the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB where I served for a short while on the Governing Board. This club is all about supporting and helping authors.

RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB is the brainchild of Founder & President, Author, Nonnie Jules. She took the time to read my book and gave it an honest review. Since becoming a part of this awesome organization, I have been blessed with many opportunities which further profiled and brought recognition to my book. I have had such honors as being: the President’s Pick in the online Newsletter, a “WHO’S ON THE SHELF” Interview by Nonnie Jules, a #PUSHTUESDAY Winner, a week-long “SPOTLIGHT” AUTHOR BLOG TOUR,” Blogs and Trailer Block Parties, and I’ve held countless other seats, which are too great in number for me to list here.

Aside from being an active reader and writer, I am also a community-activist, and from time to time, I lend my name to petitions to stop something or another, or, I may even pick up the phone to call my elected Representatives, if that’s what it takes to get something accomplished.


Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Harriet Hodgson KCT Int'l Literary Awards Winner #RWISA

Today, I would like to congratulate Harriet Hodgson (I’ve posted about her before) for winning the KCT Int’l Literary Award for her book So, You’re Raising Your Grandkids! You can find more information about her on her page at the Rave Reviews Book Club.


Rochester, Minnesota resident Harriet Hodgson has been a freelance writer for 38 years, is the author of thousands of articles, and 36 books. She has a BS from Wheelock College in Boston, an MA from the University of Minnesota, and additional graduate training.

Harriet HodgsonHodgson is a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists and the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). She is a contributing writer for the Open to Hope Foundation, The Grief Toolbox, and The Caregiver Space websites. Visit to read her articles.

Hodgson has appeared on more than 185 talk radio shows, including CBS Radio, dozens of television stations, including CNN, and dozens of blog talk radio programs. A popular guest, she has given presentations at public health, Alzheimer’s, bereavement, and caregiving conferences.

Her recent work is based on Hodgson’s 21 years as a family caregiver. She was her mother’s family caregiver for nine years, her twin grandchildren’s guardian and caregiver for seven years, and is in her fifth year as her disabled husband’s caregiver. Visit Harriet’s RRBC Author Page to find out more about this busy wife, grandmother, caregiver, and author, as well as more information on her many other books listed in the RRBC catalog.


So You're Raising Your Grandkids!If you are a grandparent raising your grandchildren, help has arrived.

According to the US Census Bureau, more than 10% of all grandparents in the nation are raising their grandkids, and the number is going up. You may be one of the millions of these grandparents and it’s a role you never expected. Willing as you are to assume this role, you have some questions. How will I find the energy for this? Is my grandchild normal? What if I “blow it?” Each day, you look for ways to make life easier.

This book will:
•Help ease your worries and guilt;
•Offer tips for creating a grandfamily;
•Give methods for improving grandparent-grandchild communication;
•Suggest ideas for how you can connect with your grandchild’s school;
•Provide child development information;
•Recommend approaches to help your grandchild set goals;
•Stress the importance of having fun together;
•Offer ideas of how to foster your grandchild’s hopes and dreams.

So, You’re Raising Your Grandkids blends Harriet Hodgson’s wise and moving grandparenting story with recent research and findings. It shares her 21 years of caregiving experience, including seven years of raising her twin grandkids. Each chapter ends with What Works, proven tips for grandparents raising grandkids.

At the end, you’ll cheer for all the loving grandparents—including you—who are putting grandchildren first.

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The One Betrayed by Yvette M Calleiro #Fantasy #Review #RRBC @YvetteMCalleiro

The One Betrayed is the third installment in the Chronicles of the Diasodz and shows what happened to Rafe after Sofia went with Ar’ch and Angel (basically an overlay of Book 2). This book is quite the page-turner, and I had a hard time putting it down even when my eyelids started to get heavy.

4 Stars

If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend it. I gave The One Betrayed 4 out of 5 Stars.

The One Betrayed by Yvette M Calleiro #Fantasy #Review #RRBC @YvetteMCalleiro Click To Tweet

Saturday, November 26, 2022

The Altar Boy: A Dark Tale of Comedy Sorrow and the Catholic Church in the 1960s by Phil Stephens #Book #Review #RRBC

The Altar Boy is one of those stories that I had difficulty putting down as I wanted to know what would happen next. I related to Carl with his fears of the dark field and creepy people in his hometown and a few of his other experiences.

Phil did a fantastic job taking me back in time to an era that I’ve heard so much about but not experienced because I wasn’t born yet. I loved the music references. They gave an extra dimension to the story, making me enjoy it more. And I swear, at one point, I smelled a hint of patchouli.

The Altar Boy is one of the most chaotic tales of growing up that I have ever read, and I am happy to have spent time with Carl and his family.

5 Stars

I gave The Altar Boy 5 out of 5 Stars.

The Altar Boy: A Dark Tale of Comedy Sorrow and the Catholic Church in the 1960s by Phil Stephens #Book #Review #RRBC Click To Tweet

About The Altar Boy: A Dark Tale of Comedy Sorrow and the Catholic Church in the 1960s

Altar Boy CoverBlack-robed nuns, priests, bishops, the select fraternity of Altar Boys, and the ancient ceremonies of the Catholic Church. Music of the ’60s, boyhood shenanigans, Cootie doctors, and coming of age. Set in the socially and politically tumultuous period of the 1960s, The Altar Boy is the fictionalized memoir of Carl Sanders, a funny, sensitive kid, who’s caught in the middle when his family is fractured by the intrusions of a priest. We follow Carl’s confusion and pain as he watches the pious façade of the Church fall away to reveal unholy carte blanche, cover-ups, and collusion.

The book opens in the late 1980s. Carl and his brother down beer after beer at a favorite pub, trying to piece together their family’s chaotic past. The stakes are high—someone is about to return after a 20-year absence, threatening to re-ignite the family conflict. As the brothers’ painful recollections of their past become more traumatic, Carl drifts back in time to the era he tried for so many years to forget.

The story is realistic, poignant, and at times very funny. Stephens shines a timely spotlight on the then-unquestioned power of the Church while taking the reader back to the ’60s era of rock & roll, Catholic schools, social upheaval, and boyhood pranks.

About Phil Stephens

phil stephens photoPhil Stephens is an Indiana native and a graduate of the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, and of the Dale Carnegie Course. He spent many years working in Fortune 500 America. Raised in a solidly Catholic family, he attended Catholic grade schools in the 1960s and served as an Altar Boy. His writing has appeared in the local newspaper and Pen IT literary magazine. His passions include reading in his favorite genres–history and horror. He also enjoys cooking, exercising, and the environment. Stephens resides in beautiful Brown County in Southern Indiana with his wife Marie, and has an adopted granddaughter, Crystal Maiden, in the Philippines.

Phil’s book was named the 2016 gold medal winner in the International Publisher Awards for Best Contemporary Novel. In the video on this page, Phil is interviewed by popular talk radio host Jordan Rich about book — and what’s behind it.

Find Phil at the following places

Amazon Author Page
Independent Author Network Page

Prey for the Dead by Susanne Leist @SusanneLeist #BookReview #RRBC

The first thing I thought when I finished reading Prey for the Dead was that the male characters are jerks yet the female leads, Linda and Shana, are in love with them no matter how badly they treat them. The men are vampires, but still, it left me with an uncomfortable feeling.

That aside, I did enjoy the story with the many twists thrown in Linda’s path as she discovers what is actually happening in Oasis. I felt confused about what was happening at times, but everything was answered for me as the story unfolded.

Please know that this is part of a series and is Book Two of The Dead Game Series, and I recommend reading the first, if you haven’t already, as a few details from the first are intertwined and explained in this chapter.

4 Stars

I gave Prey for the Dead 4 out of 5 Stars, and I must say that enjoyed the first book in the series better.

Prey for the Dead by Susanne Leist @SusanneLeist #BookReview #RRBC Click To Tweet

About Prey for the Dead

Prey for the Dead book coverLinda Bennett’s dreams of happiness have always eluded her.

Five years ago, she moved to Florida from New York to escape heartache. The Dead, an evil group of vampires, ruined any hope of peace for her and the small town of Oasis. Since then, Linda has learned to live among vampires and human vampires, finding finds solace in her bookshop. Then one morning, Oasis goes dark, and an explosion rocks her store and any future dreams for a happy ending.

News of a vampire presence at an exclusive club in Disney World prompts Todd and Sam, hybrids, to go undercover as members. Linda and her best friend, Shana, join them as trophy wives. Disaster follows in their wake as vampires fight for control. A devastating surprise waits for them in the tunnels beneath Oasis and then at a tree island in Florida’s swampland.

Can Oasis survive the battle between good and evil?

Will Linda find her happy ending?

About Susanne Leist

Susanne LeistA career in writing has been an enormous leap for me. Accustomed to the number-crunching field of budgeting and the hectic commodity markets, I left my first career and M.B.A. in Finance behind to pursue my dream. However, I do not regret my foray into literature for one moment. I write every day and have even tried my hand at poetry. So don’t let anyone tell you it’s too late in life to try something different. It is never too late to follow your heart.

THE DEAD GAME SERIES brings fantasy and surrealism to the classic murder mystery with dead bodies, suspects, and clues. In addition, it offers vampires and a touch of romance to spice the motley mix.

MEET ME IN MAINE, the first book in THE BLUE HARBOR SERIES, provides the backdrop for murder, mystery, and romance in a seaside town. Love falters and flourishes as the residents fight the persistent evil plaguing their small-town lives.

Sit back, put up your feet, and let me bring mystery and romance to your lives.

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