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Sunday, November 26, 2023

The Road To Saratin #ReadersFavorite #Review

In my email this morning, I found a link to a review from Readers’ Favorite for The Road to Saratin. I always get a little anxious when I get these and I put off opening them for a little while. I shouldn’t have waited, because it’s a 5 Star review.

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The Review

Reviewed by Michelle Mollohan for Readers’ Favorite

Charles W Jones’s The Road To Saratin is a gripping dystopian saga. There is a mysterious chemical attack that causes mutations in humans. Carl is a 28-year-old man who was taken to the Freedom Institute under the care of Dr. Emerson Sharod when he was just 6 years old. Carl hears mysterious voices all talking at once in a jumble that he can rarely interpret. Dr. Sharon experimented on him to try to tease the voices out. Despite Carl emphatically stating that he no longer hears the voices, Dr. Sharon does not believe him. One day the voices speak to him as one, telling him that it is time to leave. He walks out of the Institute and is shocked by the changes to the outside world over the 22 years since he has seen it. Carl is determined to travel to Saratin, the town he lived in with his mother. Along the way, he has to try to hide from the people seeking to return him to the Institute as well as from the mutated humans looking for a meal. During his travels, he is saved by Astrid, a woman doing recon for one of the bases nearby. Aided by the voices, he manages to overpower her and take her weapon. Astrid tracks him down and instead of turning him in as he feared, she joins in his journey.

I highly recommend Charles W Jones’s The Road To Saratin. With the current climate of viruses and potential bioterrorism, coupled with our lack of preparedness in staving them off, this story is eerily relevant. I feel that The Road To Saratin differs from other end-of-the-world scenarios in that it gives you not only a glimpse of the good guys but also the villains’ points of view, which provides a rich, detailed backstory. This is a medium-paced book full of memorable characters. The voices that Carl hears are varied and entertaining, from Milton who acts as his muscle to Miriam who hides his tracks along their journey. Carl also makes friends with people along the way. I loved Serena, the Matron of Sanctuary, a tent city. She stood her ground and refused to be intimidated or to let Astrid search within for Carl. I also enjoyed Thea, the goodhumored leader of Bonneville who made Carl cut firewood she didn’t need to trade for food and shelter. The conclusion of this book is immensely satisfying as it leaves no questions unanswered.

Reader's Favorite Five Stars - Road to Saratin

The Criteria

Appearance:  The appearance of a book can make a significant impact on the experience of a reader, whose enjoyment is often enhanced by an enticing cover, an intriguing table of contents, interesting chapter headings, and when possible, eye-catching illustrations.

Score 5

Plot:  The characters of a book should be well defined with strengths and flaws, and while they do not have to be likable, the reader does have to be able to form a connection with them. The tone should be consistent, the theme should be clear, and the plot should be original or told from a unique perspective. For informative books — those without plot and characters–this rating refers primarily to your concept and how well you presented it.

Score 5

Development:  Development refers to how effectively you told your story or discussed your topic. The dialogue should be realistic, the descriptions should be vivid, and the material should be concise and coherent. Organization is also a key factor, especially for informative books — those without plot and characters. The order in which you tell your story or explain your topic and how smoothly it flows can have a huge impact on the reader’s understanding and enjoyment of the material.

Score 5

Formatting: Formatting is the single most overlooked area by authors. The way in which you describe scenes, display dialogue, and shift point of view can make or break your story. In addition, excessive grammatical errors and typos can give your book an amateurish feel and even put off readers completely.

Score 5

Marketability: Marketability refers to how effectively you wrote your book for your target audience. Authors may include content that is above or below the understanding of their target reader, or include concepts, opinions or language that can accidentally confuse or alienate some readers. Although by its nature this rating is very subjective, a very low rating here and poor reviews may indicate an issue with your book in this area.

Score 5

Overall Opinion: The overall starred rating takes into account all these elements and describes the overall reading experience of your reviewer. This is 5 the official Readers’ Favorite review rating for your book.

Score 5

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Saturday, November 26, 2022

The Altar Boy: A Dark Tale of Comedy Sorrow and the Catholic Church in the 1960s by Phil Stephens #Book #Review #RRBC

The Altar Boy is one of those stories that I had difficulty putting down as I wanted to know what would happen next. I related to Carl with his fears of the dark field and creepy people in his hometown and a few of his other experiences.

Phil did a fantastic job taking me back in time to an era that I’ve heard so much about but not experienced because I wasn’t born yet. I loved the music references. They gave an extra dimension to the story, making me enjoy it more. And I swear, at one point, I smelled a hint of patchouli.

The Altar Boy is one of the most chaotic tales of growing up that I have ever read, and I am happy to have spent time with Carl and his family.

5 Stars

I gave The Altar Boy 5 out of 5 Stars.

The Altar Boy: A Dark Tale of Comedy Sorrow and the Catholic Church in the 1960s by Phil Stephens #Book #Review #RRBC Click To Tweet

About The Altar Boy: A Dark Tale of Comedy Sorrow and the Catholic Church in the 1960s

Altar Boy CoverBlack-robed nuns, priests, bishops, the select fraternity of Altar Boys, and the ancient ceremonies of the Catholic Church. Music of the ’60s, boyhood shenanigans, Cootie doctors, and coming of age. Set in the socially and politically tumultuous period of the 1960s, The Altar Boy is the fictionalized memoir of Carl Sanders, a funny, sensitive kid, who’s caught in the middle when his family is fractured by the intrusions of a priest. We follow Carl’s confusion and pain as he watches the pious façade of the Church fall away to reveal unholy carte blanche, cover-ups, and collusion.

The book opens in the late 1980s. Carl and his brother down beer after beer at a favorite pub, trying to piece together their family’s chaotic past. The stakes are high—someone is about to return after a 20-year absence, threatening to re-ignite the family conflict. As the brothers’ painful recollections of their past become more traumatic, Carl drifts back in time to the era he tried for so many years to forget.

The story is realistic, poignant, and at times very funny. Stephens shines a timely spotlight on the then-unquestioned power of the Church while taking the reader back to the ’60s era of rock & roll, Catholic schools, social upheaval, and boyhood pranks.

About Phil Stephens

phil stephens photoPhil Stephens is an Indiana native and a graduate of the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, and of the Dale Carnegie Course. He spent many years working in Fortune 500 America. Raised in a solidly Catholic family, he attended Catholic grade schools in the 1960s and served as an Altar Boy. His writing has appeared in the local newspaper and Pen IT literary magazine. His passions include reading in his favorite genres–history and horror. He also enjoys cooking, exercising, and the environment. Stephens resides in beautiful Brown County in Southern Indiana with his wife Marie, and has an adopted granddaughter, Crystal Maiden, in the Philippines.

Phil’s book was named the 2016 gold medal winner in the International Publisher Awards for Best Contemporary Novel. In the video on this page, Phil is interviewed by popular talk radio host Jordan Rich about book — and what’s behind it.

Find Phil at the following places

Amazon Author Page
Independent Author Network Page

Friday, March 1, 2019

Welcome to "SONGS OF HEARTSTRINGS" Blog Tour! @MHurdle112 #4WillsPub #RRBC

Day 5

From the Author

This is Day 5 of “Songs of Heartstrings” Blog Tour. I want to thank 4WillsPublishing for setting up the tour and my host to have me here.

This poetry collection includes nine themes: Songs of Nature, Songs of Dissonance, Songs of Physical Healing, Songs of Marriage, Songs of Parenthood, Songs of Tribute, Songs of Reflections, Songs of Challenge, and Songs of Inspiration. Each of these themes covers various aspects of my life experience. Many poems are illustrated with my photos and watercolor paintings.

Songs of Heartstrings received a 5-Star review from Readers’ Favorite: Other book reviews are available on Amazon: 

Highlighted Poems from Songs of Parenthood

Photography, watercolor painting and ceramic painting are several of my favorite hobbies. I painted “Mother-Daughter Holding Hands” which illustrates the relationship with my daughter. I handcrafted a whale and painted it as a nightlight for my baby daughter. She is grown now and has her precious daughter. Photos of these pieces are in the section of Songs of Parenthood.

Beautiful Tiny Baby

Seven months of being pregnant,
driving from California to Oregon
for a Christmas family gathering.
“Take breaks more often,” Doctor said.

Still, it was 1,000 miles in distance.
When we arrived, I started the contractions,
went to the hospital in Salem.
“We have no equipment to care for
premature babies.” Doctor said.

An ambulance took me,
traveled one hour to Portland.
I was holding my baby tight,
praying, telling her, “I love you,”
All the way.

We arrived at the hospital safe and sound,
the contractions seemed to quiet down.
I had a belt on my belly strapped around
to monitor the frequency of contraction.

Not long after I had dinner,
the monitor beeped a warning sound.
Yes, my daughter wanted to come around.
A caesarean section was in order.

“An experimental drug could be
injected into your spinal cord
to mature the baby’s lungs, so
she could breathe on her own;
the effect on you is unknown.” Doctor said.

Without hesitation, I wanted the injection.
It turned out to be a sound decision.
Baby Mercy only needed
twelve hours of respiratory help.

She was tiny and beautiful.
I had her in my arms.
Her eyes followed mine.
My baby had the angel’s guide.

Her birth was years ago,
the vivid memory never gets old.
She started with her tiny feet,
her steps have been directed by
the heavenly Father’s lead.

A whale made of clay,
original, free-handed.
Nightlight shines through
blowhole, eyes, and mouth,
for my baby daughter
I created, with love.


Miriam Hurdle is a multi-genre writer. She writes poetry, flash fiction, and short stories and memoir. Her poems are included in Letters to Gaia, Whispers and Echoes Issue 2, Whispers and Echoes Issue 3, and Outcast and More Words.

She is passionate about poetry and her favorite poets are Robert Frost with his poems “The Road Not Taken,” and Linda Pastan with her poem “To a Daughter Leaving Home.”

She is a member of, and her poetry may be read on the websites.

Music has rooted in her life. Being a soloist as a teenager led her to taking voice lessons and to have ongoing singing engagements. She continues to sing soprano in choral groups. Lyrics have a major influence in the natural flow of her melodic writing. She writes memoir in the form of poetry.

Along with her brother, she took photos when the films were black and white. Photography is still her enjoyable hobby. Drawing and painting were fun activities as a child. Her favorite was to draw a Japanese girl with big eyes, long hair, small lips and chin. She resumed drawing and watercolor painting several years ago. In her poetry collection, photos and paintings are included to illustrate the poems.

She earned a Doctorate of Education from the University of La Verne in California. After two years of rehabilitation counseling, fifteen years of public-school teaching and ten years in school district administration, she retired and enjoys life with her husband in southern California.

Links to Purchase the Book:

Amazon Universal Link:

Amazon UK Link: Link: 

Contact the Author:

Amazon Author Page:





To follow along with the rest of the tour, please visit the author’s tour page on the 4WillsPublishing site.  If you’d like to book your own blog tour and have your book promoted in similar grand fashion, please click HERE.  
Lastly, Miriam is a member of the best book club ever – RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB {#RRBC}! If you’re looking for amazing support as an author, or if you simply love books, JOIN US! We’d love to have you!

Friday, July 26, 2019

#B-Movie #Book #Review - Cannibal Nuns From Outer Space by Duncan P Bradshaw @DuncanPBradshaw

Yes, you read the post title correctly. Cannibal Nuns From Outer Space is a B-Movie in book format. Confused? I was a little at first when I received the email from Mr. Bradshaw explaining the format of his book.

Here’s the snippet of that email explaining it: Being digital, the Kindle version is done like you’re in the cinema watching it on the big screen. The physical books are done like a DVD, so you have bonus material which you wouldn’t obviously get from watching it ‘live’ so to speak.

Once I began reading, I completely understood his intentions and was delighted with the opening trailers. That’s right. Opening trailers. Pretty clever if you ask me. Then the main feature began as you would expect when sitting in a comfy seat at the theatre.

As I read, I was instantly whisked away to a dark and stormy night. The scene is of an exorcism filled with slapstick and droll remarks. Yes, it’s a B-Movie alright where I can clearly see Brits trying their best to remain calm. The only thing that was missing was a musical score from Les Baxter.

With the tone set, the journey becomes more bizarre and delightful while maintaining that sense of dramatic terror as I’ve seen and talked about so many times with the likes of Vincent Price movies. I was astounded by the intricacies of the characters and their motivations that with every word and paragraph and page, I felt like I was watching a film.

The settings were just as elaborately displayed to me as the actors coming in and out of focus. Even the creatures were vivid in my mind as they would have been had I been watching The Fly or The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

And like so many B-Movies, just when you think it’s over, it a takes a quick breath and rushes forward again with a whammy of an added twist. When I came to the last word of the book, I couldn’t help but grin. Once again, it wasn’t done tickling my fancy, the next pages were the ending credits with the list of characters and the actors who portrayed them; I wonder if those are real people.

Cannibal Nuns From Outer Space is a book you don’t want to miss. I’m curious about the physical copy’s extras. I mean, how much more delight could I possibly handle from Mr. Bradshaw?

5 out of 5 Stars, well written, sir, well written.

About Cannibal Nuns From Outer Space:

With an encyclopaedic knowledge of cake, and exclusive access to the church’s stockpile of holy weapons, the Order of the Crimson Rosary are on the frontline in the eternal war between good and evil. Whether it’s repelling demonic possession, judging the authenticity of supposed miracles or having the final say on the colour of bunting at church fetes, the organisation’s members sacrifice their own freedom to keep the world safe.

Father Flynn, the top operative in the UK, has been responsible for a number of recent high profile gaffs. Given an ultimatum, he must choose between returning to his old job of preserving the last microfiche machine in the church’s library, or submit himself for rehabilitation.

Yet evil doesn’t take a ticket and wait in line, as the dreaded cannibal nuns from outer space land to begin their annual harvest. Can Flynn get himself sober enough to repel their evil machinations? Or will another idyllic British village become the nun’s latest buffet?

One thing’s for certain, to beat them, Father Flynn is going to have to kick the habit.

A Little About Duncan P. Bradshaw:

Since 2014, Duncan P. Bradshaw has been quite merrily teabagging the boundaries between genre fiction. Having gone through an early period of writing about the undead and other random thoughts, he has now entered his GoreCom phase, having settled on his style; a mix of horror, comedy and bizarro.
Join his shambling horde on Facebook
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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Fear in Souls: Reaper (Fear in Flesh Book 2) by Hesham N. Ali #Zombies #Horror #Book Review

Had I known Fear in Souls: Reaper was about zombies, I probably wouldn’t have read it, because, well, I’m just not a fan of them. But what Hesham does with them is intriguing and I’m glad that I read the book.

Fear In Souls CoverThe zombie part aside, the story of the people and the changes in them are what is imparting in this story. Violet and her brother both survived in a way that was unexpected, keeping me interested. The world Hesham created is horrifying with rich visualizations of the monsters and the settings as the story progresses.

Now, if you’re worried about not reading Fear in Flesh Book 1 before reading this one, don’t as it seems like an anthology series and this one focuses on Death.

4 Stars

I 100% recommend this book and give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

About Fear in Souls

Fear … Hatred … Judgment … Deliverance

For what’s worse than Death itself coming after your soul? Violet Turner is wrapped inside a cocoon of darkness, knowing not where she stands, losing her will to survive. But what of the four riders rapidly approaching to deliver what was promised of this slowly decaying world?

About Hesham N. Ali

“Some believe writing is a lost form of art. To others, writing may just be another tedious full-time job . . .”

heshamn aliBorn and raised in a minuscule Middle Eastern island known to man as the Kingdom of Bahrain. His entire life, Hesham had traversed through the infinite cosmos and amidst the time of the dinosaurs, falling all the way down the rabbit hole. When he finally emerged on the other side into the backward world of fiction writing where he battled his greatest demons in a multiverse of genres–that was when his reign of madness began.

2014 was the year he was diagnosed with the infamous “Writer’s Bug”. By 2016 he debuted with two novels: {Fear in Flesh} and {A Portrait of Memories}. Hesham was 23 when he published both titles only 2 months apart during that year. As his passion for making up stories keeps on growing, so does his love for creating fictional worlds then tearing them asunder.

“. . . To me, writing is an artistically driven lifestyle. We make of it what we envision and desire.”
Find out more and stay in touch with the author through . . .

Instagram: @h.madrex @Hesham N. Ali
Goodreads: @Hesham N. Ali

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Avernus Island (The Monsters & Mayhem Collection Book 2) by Patrick McNulty #Book Review


I didn’t pay attention to the fact that this is Book 2 in The Monsters & Mayhem Collection and didn’t notice anything that connects the first book to this one (maybe, I’ll read it to find out). That being said, I don’t think it matters because I didn’t feel like I walked into something pre-existing. 

Avernus Island is creepy and dark and unsettling. It kept me interested and I had a hard putting it down. The strangeness of what happens was amazing as was the back story, showing what caused the darkness to come to this island.

I gave Avernus Island 5 Stars.

Get your copy at Amazon!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

#Book #Review The Witness by S.A. Felix #Paranormal #Romance #LGBTQ

S.A. Felix created a strange world where “Undead” come to life with the assistance of a Riser. Then there are Witnesses who find them and help them pass on. Sorry folks, no traditional zombies in this one; there’s not even horror.

What is there is the charming tale of Atsushi (a Witness), who falls in love with an “Undead,” Yoshiki. That part is a little creepy if you look at it from the necrophilia side of things. But the story isn’t even about that. It’s more like a man falling in love with a ghost, who then gets the chance to change events in the past.

The biggest problem with this book is the editing. It felt like S.A. Felix wrote it in Japanese, then used Google Translate for English. If that is the case, it needs a thorough edit from a Native English speaker to work out the kinks, because the story is amazing. I did enjoy the accent though, helping me feel as though I were in Japan. I admit, at times, I giggled at the strange wordings and phrases, reminding me of old Godzilla movies with bad overdubs.

3 Stars

As strong as the story in The Witness is, I can’t give it more than 3 out of 5 Stars because of the editing.



About The Witness

Atsushi is a Witness. His job is to find the revived ones and help them pass onto the afterlife. His recent client is Yoshiki, a man who had committed suicide but came back to life. Atsushi has to find the person who unknowingly called him back and help them both move on.

But how could he, when he was falling in love with the beautiful man himself?

“It was time. I put my coffee back and returned to the morgue. However, when I got there, the dead body was not on the table. Panicking, I took my torch and frantically searched for the body at every corner in the room until I found him cowering in the corner.

He came back to life.”

Get The Witness

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Heaven's Peak: A Gripping Horror Novel by Miguel Estrada #Book Review


Heaven’s Peak is about Kevin Miller, who’s recently moved to a new town with his father and sister after his mom died; they’re hoping for a fresh start. Unfortunately, the freshness doesn’t last long as his father falls back into his old routine of drinking and not remembering he and his sister exist. 

The darkness that overlays this story is harsh and not friendly and one of the many reasons I enjoyed this book. The agony the main characters feel is translated very well and I was pleased to have found this book.

I gave Heaven’s Peak 5 Stars.

Get your copy on Amazon!

Saturday, May 4, 2019

#Book Review - Broken Revelations: Horsemen Rising by Albert Scott

Lately, I’ve had the luck of finding some excellent books about Fallen Angels, and Broken Revelations: Horsemen Rising reaches levels I didn’t expect. Albert Scott takes a young man, Adrian, who is like the rest of us, looking for love and a place where he belongs and shows us a world that is unexpected and dark, though beautiful at the same time.

The interaction of Adrian and his friends has a genuine feeling. Even when everything that he knows changes into a bizarre melding of heaven and hell, he keeps his sarcastic sense of humor. Having the location of the story somewhere that I’m familiar with is always a bonus when I read a book as I think Oh, I know that place.

Albert Scott’s visualizations are amazing, showing each character and location so that it’s vivid in my mind and not easy to shake. While not everything is perfect, I enjoyed the story. Congratulations on your first book, Mr. Scott, and I look forward to reading more from you!

I give Broken Revelations: Horsemen Rising by Albert Scott 4 out of 5 Stars.

About Broken Revelations: Horsemen Rising

Adrian Gray thought he was just an ordinary guy was happy living an average boring life…

That is until his life took to a sharp turn into the extraordinary after a one night stand with a beautiful woman calling herself “The Tattoo lady” leads him to the discovery that he was anything but ordinary as he quickly discovers that he and The Tattoo Lady are Nephal: the children of Angels and Demons, and are two of the prophesied four horsemen of the Apocalypse and meets the other two horsemen Matekai and Iku just in time for all of heaven and hell to break loose and uncovering a renegade angel’s plot to free the pagan gods to cause even more havoc on earth.

Now it’s up to the four horsemen unite to save the world that they were destined to destroy… that is if there anything left to save.

About Albert Scott

After searching the Internet, I found the following links for Albert Scott, but no biographical information. So, he will remain a mystery to me and the rest of the world, which I hope doesn’t last long as he sounds like an interesting person based on his Twitter posts.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

#Gothic #Horror #LGBTQ+ #Book #Review - The Haunting of Holden Castle by Ben Tousey

I’ve not read many LGBTQ+ novels because they tend to be romance or flat out porn, which is just not my thing. When I found out that a dear friend from years past, Ben Tousey, had written an LGBTQ+ Gothic Horror novel, I had to read it. And I’m glad I did.

The creepiness and dark feelings of the story start rather quickly as Tony and Sean are thrown into the rolls of their ghostly doppelgängers and are destined to live what happened many years ago. Each turn of the page is met with a terrifying dream or haunted experience that overlaps reality.

While there is a hint of romance intertwined in the story, it doesn’t overpower the events but adds a layer of realness and charm. There are also cheese moments that are cleverly inserted to relieve the tension the characters are feeling.

I give The Haunting of Holden Castle 5 out of 5 Stars.

About The Haunting of Holden Castle

Holden Castle has dark, turbulent, secrets and two innocent young men find themselves standing in proxy, reliving the roles of earlier tragic figures long since dead.

Tony is an attractive young man recovering from a breakup with the man he thought he would spend the rest of his life with. On the bus from the airport to Holden Castle, which is now an internationally famous four-star hotel, he meets Sean, who has also just ended a long-term relationship with the woman he thought he was going to marry.

It’s the legend of the castle that’s its biggest draw. Prince Holden had fallen deeply in love with a servant girl, but was being forced to marry against his will by his father, dubbed the Tyrant King. When Princess Aednat discovered the Prince’s secret love, she exposed it, and the kingdom was thrown into turmoil. The Prince was so upset he retreated within himself and would not talk to anyone. As an act of final revenge, the princess pushed him off the cliffs late one night while he was walking.

That’s how the story has been told since fourteen-hundred.

From the moment they arrive, Sean and Tony experience a profound and distinct sense of déjà vu, as if they’re living their lives and the life of someone else at the same time. They learn that, buried deeply in the many mysteries of this castle, they are the secret.

About Ben Tousey

According to the Oracle of the Bacon, Ben Tousey is 4 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. Ben’s book, “Acting Your Dreams” was reviewed by psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Vath, who also counseled Debby Boone. Debby Boone was in 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders with Brandy Norwood–who was in the 39th Annual Grammy Awards with… Kevin Bacon!

Ben has worked as an actor, musician and standup comedian with heavy-hitters such as Grant Goodeve from Northern Exposure, Barry McGuire from the Broadway Musical “Hair” and the hit song, “Eve of Destruction,” and standup comedienne Vanda Mikoloski.

Ben spent fifteen years in various forms of reparative–or “ex-gay” therapy before finally embracing who he is. He writes about that experience in his book, My Egypt. He is best known for writing occult-themed gay romances and gay religious satire.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

#Zombie #HorrorStory Review - Biter (Rise of the Dead Book 1) by Donna Burgess @horrorgirldonna #PromoteHorror

I don’t know what it is about Zombies that has caused the onslaught of movies and books and stories about them in recent years, but I don’t mind, I’m really enjoying what I’m experiencing. Biter (Rise of the Dead Book 1) by Donna Burgess is one of the better that I’ve read recently. The story moves quickly, and there’s an interesting twist with the Zombie featured in this one. The best thing about this short book (novella?) is that everything was vivid in my mind as I read.

Great job, Donna. I give Biter (Rise of the Dead Book 1) 4 out of 5 Stars.

About Biter (Rise of the Dead Book 1)

When Morgan and Savannah’s tire blows, they’re positive they’re going to be stuck forever in Shitkicker, Alabama. But along comes hunky Johnny, their knight-in-not-so-shining-primer, and their bad day takes a turn for the better. Or so they think. The thing is, Johnny has a twin brother named Mikey, who’s starving for some fresh college chick flesh, and an inbred family set on making sure Mikey gets his dinner.

Warning: Gory scenes and coarse language. Recommended for adults.

About Donna Burgess

Donna Burgess is an author of dark fiction and poetry who enjoys surfing, playing soccer, and painting. She has a deep affection for Monty Python, horror movies, Bruce Springsteen and baseball. Over the past two decades, her fiction and poetry has appeared in genre publications like Weird Tales, Horror Express, Chizine and many others.

She holds B.A.s in Journalism and English and a M.F.A. in Creative Writing. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Join in the celebration of #RRBCAuthor @sharrislaughter, #RRBC's November "SPOTLIGHT" Author! #Author of #OurLadyOfVictory

Please welcome Shirley Harris-Slaughter today. She’s a great supporter of every RRBC Author and a wonderful person.

About Our Lady of Victory (Second Edition)

This is a second edition with updates on the state of this historic church. In the original publication, files were lost then resurfaced with content altered along with missing photos during transition from one publisher to another. Such is the fate of an Independent Author.

Our Lady of Victory by Shirley Harris SlaughterThis book evolved out of years of frustration at the total disregard and lack of respect for the contributions of Black Catholics in the city of Detroit. The author says, “We are not mentioned in the pages of history along with the other Catholic churches that sprung up during the World War II era, and that needed to be corrected.” The author did fulfill one dream since publication … that this church can now be found on the web even though it has merged with another church. It is now called Presentation-Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church.

About Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Shirley Harris SlaughterMy name is Shirley Harris-Slaughter and I’ve been a published author since 2007, although my life plans never included becoming a writer. I was urged to write when I realized there were things going on around me, threatening my community’s survival and yet it seemed no one was paying attention to the urgency of it all. I never dreamed that I would be the “chosen one” to take on the task, but I was, and so, after much research, sleepless nights and being shunned by those who didn’t want me to tell this story, “OUR LADY OF VICTORY: THE SAGA OF AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN COMMUNITY” was born. Something that started out as just a timeline of events to honor the pioneers of this West Eight Mile Community, turned into a full-blown narrative history.

Like most Indie authors, I was struggling to get even a little recognition in an already over-crowded field. Then, I happened upon the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB where I served for a short while on the Governing Board. This club is all about supporting and helping authors.

RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB is the brainchild of Founder & President, Author, Nonnie Jules. She took the time to read my book and gave it an honest review. Since becoming a part of this awesome organization, I have been blessed with many opportunities which further profiled and brought recognition to my book. I have had such honors as being: the President’s Pick in the online Newsletter, a “WHO’S ON THE SHELF” Interview by Nonnie Jules, a #PUSHTUESDAY Winner, a week-long “SPOTLIGHT” AUTHOR BLOG TOUR,” Blogs and Trailer Block Parties, and I’ve held countless other seats, which are too great in number for me to list here.

Aside from being an active reader and writer, I am also a community-activist, and from time to time, I lend my name to petitions to stop something or another, or, I may even pick up the phone to call my elected Representatives, if that’s what it takes to get something accomplished.


Saturday, December 16, 2023

The Dying Game by Sara Schoen #Book Review

The Dying Game is like many teen horror movies, with a group of friends traveling to have an exciting adventure, and that’s precisely what they got, though it wasn’t what they wanted. Two things bothered me about this book and why I only gave it 3 Stars. The prologue felt like a poorly written synopsis of the story I was about to read, making it worse with the use of first-person, leading me to the next thing. The use of first-person can hinder a story, making it feel clunky, as it did with this book. I’ve read many first-person tales, and they felt natural, but this one wasn’t one of them.

I gave The Dying Game 3 out of 5 Stars.

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Tamed (Werepets Unleashed Book 1) by Douglas R. Brown #Book Review

Tamed is an interesting take on werewolves, slavery, and how things are run by unscrupulous people and I loved it. Every page kept me engaged, making me wonder what was going to happen next. The book is filled with action and I felt a strong connection to the characters as they worked to bring justice to the WerePets.

I gave Tamed 4 out of 5 Stars.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2021



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Why set a Christmas mystery in sunny Florida, of all places?

This is one the first questions I’ve received from readers of my new ghost story/mystery, SCARLET AT CRYSTAL RIVER. That is, after they share how much they love the two kids, and the romantic honeymoon, and Luis, and the manatees

And it’s a fair question.

Snow Covered CabinWhen you mention a Christmas mystery, images of snow-covered cabins and frosty mugs of hot cocoa spring to mind. Of feet stomping the frozen ground and breaths expelling a white cloud while questioning suspects. Not swimming in the warm surf or lounging on the porch in only a shirt.

Before beginning the first draft of SCARLET AT CRYSTAL RIVER, I’d read quite a number of Christmas mysteries, from Agatha Christie’s Hercule Parole’s Christmas to Mary Higgins Clark’s The Christmas Thief to Anne Perry’s A Christmas Escape. And all—well, almost all—have a frosted winterscape as their setting. I certainly could have gone that way. A Christmas Escape

For this third entry in my Haunted Shores Mysteries series, Darrell, my teacher, coach and reluctant ghost sensitive, is taking his wife on their honeymoon over the Christmas holidays. He could easily have chosen some beautiful, snow-covered getaway for their romantic vacation, say Maine or Nova Scotia. But as I pondered my story as I wanted to tell it, I decided I wanted to do something different. I thought it might be fun to explore the holidays in a warmer clime.

Christmas treeOh, readers will find all the essential Christmas elements—the Christmas shopping and Christmas carols, Santa Claus and beautifully decorated Christmas trees and even a meticulous display of the perfect Lionel Christmas train. But, like the other books in my series, they will also encounter a cold case murder—a particularly heinous crime this time—wrapped inside a ghost story with a nice helping of romance and they will discover another beautiful resort location. My tale whisks readers to a quaint, small “old Florida” town on the sunny Gulf Coast they will fall in love with. With Darrell and Erin, they will discover the perfect Christmas presents, attend midnight Christmas eve service, and put donations into the big red kettle of the Salvation army. But they will also run a grueling, but gorgeous 5K through woods, across swamps and along the shoreline. Readers will get to follow Darrell and Erin as they swim with manatees, huge, magnificent, gentle creatures, and play in the gurgling surf on the white sand beach. manatees

Overbeck’s writing transports you into real-life landscapes and imagined locations with a seamlessness that makes it hard to tell one from the other. The beauties of the Florida Gulf coast, the swampy growth that borders the greenery of well-fertilized fields, the posh interior of an ag magnate’s two story, all create a land that is seen, heard, smelled and felt.”—KRL News and Reviews

Not to mention, readers will help Darrell unravel the mystery of the unspeakable deaths of two young children.

 SCARLET AT CRYSTAL RIVERAccording to the Farmer’s Almanac, which calls for a snowy, blustery Christmas and beyond, we may all pine for a warm, sunny getaway this winter. That would make SCARLET AT CRYSTAL RIVER the perfect Christmas treat.

About Dr. Randy Overbeck

RAndy OverbeckDr. Randy Overbeck is an award-winning educator, author and speaker. As an educator, he served children for four decades in a range of roles captured in his novels, from teacher and coach to principal and superintendent. His thriller, Leave No Child Behind (2012) and his recent mysteries, the Amazon No. 1 Best Seller, Blood on the Chesapeake, Crimson at Cape May and Scarlet at Crystal River have earned five star reviews and garnered national awards including “Thriller of the Year–, “Gold Award”—Literary Titan, “Mystery of the Year”— and “Crowned Heart of Excellence”—InD’Tale Magazine. As a member of the Mystery Writers of America, Dr. Overbeck is an active member of the literary community, contributing to a writers’ critique group, serving as a mentor to emerging writers and participating in writing conferences such as Sleuthfest, Killer Nashville and the Midwest Writers Workshop. When he’s not writing or researching his next exciting novel or sharing his presentation, “Things Still Go Bump in the Night,” he’s spending time with his incredible family of wife, three children (and their spouses) and seven wonderful grandchildren.

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  • Release by Wild Rose Press—September 13, 2021
  • Paranormal mystery
  • 364 pp.
  • Mild

All Darrell Henshaw wanted was to enjoy his honeymoon with his beautiful wife, Erin, in the charming town of Crystal River on the sunny Gulf Coast of Florida. Only a pair of ghosts decide to intrude on their celebration. And not just any ghosts, the spirits of two young Latino children. Unwilling at first to derail the honeymoon for yet another ghost hunt, Darrell finally concedes when a painting of the kids comes alive, weeping and pleading for his help.
When he and Erin track down the artist, they discover the children’s family were migrant workers the next county over. But when they travel there, their questions about the kids gets their car shot up and Erin hospitalized. Torn between fear and rage, Darrell must decide how far he will go to get justice for two young children he never even knew.

Darrell and Erin thought they were heading to Florida for a carefree honeymoon, but the ghosts of two immigrants children haunt them, pleading for help.

Review Blurbs
“Scarlet at Crystal River is an eerie paranormal mystery I couldn’t stop reading. Randy Overbeck is a masterful writer of the paranormal, drawing the reader in before instilling shivers down the spine. 5+ stars.” –N. N. Light’s Book Heaven

“A rollercoaster of a mystery, hurtling up and down hills and sharp corners until the very end, when the reader is left slightly breathless, waiting for their hearts to beat back to a normal rhythm. ★★★★★—ReadersView

“Scarlet at Crystal River is a suspenseful paranormal novel with compelling characters and an enigmatic mystery that drives the story to a riveting conclusion. Overbeck is a master at building tension–-this is easily a one-sitting read.” ★★★★★—Literary Titan

“This is another masterpiece from Randy Overbeck. His excellent writing style has left me speechless for one more time. He writes in a way that makes you feel what the characters feel and you have no choice but to partake in the journey with them.” ★★★★★—Ioanna’s Reviews, Greece

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