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The Road to Nowhere

Friends Steve, Everett, and Reed are traveling to a lake resort to celebrate Everett’s upcoming wedding when their van breaks down in the middle of nowhere. When they find an old farmhouse, they discover the elderly couple, Aggie and Morty,  aren’t as hospitable as they initially thought and find themselves subject to the sadistic and cannibalistic pair. Aggie and Morty will be eating well unless Steve, Everett, and Reed can escape the farmhouse.

Liaisons Macabre

  Relationships make the world go around, even the dark ones many don’t want to consider. In this collection of short stories, you will encounter a man determined to protect his sister, dark spirits wanting nothing more than to return to the land of the living, and even a murder victim forced to watch as his killer disassembles his corpse. You should move along if you are looking for a sweet romance or someone famous’s true-life story. These stories are dark and dreadful, created to fill you with fright and uncomfortable feelings.

An Unnamed Acquaintance

  Many things happen in the world most people do not know about. In this collection of short stories and bizarre prose written between 1987 and 2011, be prepared to take journeys to these unexpected scenes. Take a seat at the table with a bored millionaire who hosts dinner parties with guests who have intertwined secrets. Follow in the footsteps of man as he searches for his missing wife. Have a bite of a celestial meal that will leave you craving more.